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Photography By: Michael Sergei

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Free People// Shorts:Gap, Similar// Socks: L.L Bean

Hi friends! Long time no talk….. my site has been down for almost two weeks because it’s been going through some major changes! But it’s slowly coming back (although still not done) and I definitely missed writing.

In the meantime, let me catch y’all up a bit.

I finished my first semester of college and made it through finals! #hallelujah I am back home and so happy to get to relax, work, and have major family time the next 6 weeks. (Although I know I’ll be missing my friends and freedom in about 24 hours) BUT let me just recap a little bit about my semester at college.

College is…. TOUGH. Let me tell ya….. Life is hard. really hard. There were plenty of nights I would just cry because I was so stressed and overwhelmed with everything, and wanted my mom. I love being on my own, but living in the dorms is a rough life. I was pretty much sick this whole semester because somehow I don’t know how to take care of myself. I learned a lot about myself, learned major strengths and weaknesses, met my best friends, and overall made the greatest memories. I swear the best times were 1 am late night drives with my friends to Mcdonalds, blaring music and just being on our own. Friends are super crucial in college (and life in general) But I definitely had my highs and lows this semester and my friends were there for them all. When you are so far away from your family, your friends become the ones you lean on most. This semester was one for the books but cheers to being home and getting 6 weeks of a ‘life’ break haha.

I love relaxed mornings, and this was a little #ootd from a cozy morning during finals week in Lubbock. I’ve linked lots of sweaters and cozy shorts below for y’all.

Thanks for reading and continuing on this bumpy road with me! Much love!

Cozy Sweaters:

Comfy Shorts:


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  1. preeti wrote:

    cute PJs and mug! college is hard but it definitely gets better! and life after college is the best! hang in there!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Posted 12.11.15 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Thank you Preeti!
      So good to hear… xo

      Posted 12.11.15 Reply
  2. I’m your biggest fan!!!!!! Shout out for shout out? I can’t wait till you next post!!! 🙂

    Posted 12.12.15 Reply
  3. Charlene wrote:

    I hear ya! I have one more week to go for this term in my Masters program and I am counting down the days!! Time off to relax with no deadlines will be just what you need before heading back
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

    Posted 12.13.15 Reply
  4. Elle Spann wrote:

    hope you have time to relax over your break! love your mug!
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 12.14.15 Reply
  5. College was definitely tough, but since I did a major that was so fascinating (psych) I got through most of it. I will say that when I started off trying to get a marketing degree I couldn’t sleep at night and I was bombing tests because accounting and math were so hard. But when I switched my major from my minor I had a cruise because psych was awesome. Good luck lovely, you’ll look back on it and think you were totally fine and had it all under control!

    Posted 12.14.15 Reply
  6. Addie wrote:

    congrats on the site makeover and finishing your first semester up strong!! That definitely does look like a cozy sweater!

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  7. Melody wrote:

    I love your room’s decor! It’s so girly but grown up at the same time!


    Posted 12.19.15 Reply

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