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Ohhhh man. The holiday gift guides are here!! 🙂 I am just so excited. I will be sharing gift guides about once a week up until Christmas. I’ll be covering lots of topics so stay tuned to get some fun gift ideas. I shared on Instagram that if you have any other specific topics you would like for me to do, just send them my way. 

To start this cheery time off on a fabulous start- I wanted to share a gift guide with all the girly girl gifts a girly girl could ask for. Whether you’re a mom shopping for your daughter, or you’re a college girl shopping for your bestie, if she’s a girly girl or likes pink/ more feminine pieces…THESE are the most fabulous girly girl gifts to give.

I’ll leave a little boutique down below, just click on whatever girly gifts you’re interested in within the widgets to see prices/ where to buy. But let’s go over WHY these are the best gifts for all girls. I’m a super girly girl. I like to play around with all different styles but if I had to choose just one for the rest of my life it would be classic and feminine style. I thrive with girly pieces in my closet.

Girly Girl Gifts – Fashion Pieces:

When shopping for a girl who loves all feminine things, opt for blush or nude pieces. I am absolutely swooning over this (affordable) fur jacket. This would be such a great gift to a girl who needs a little fur in her life. I came across PINK gloves that have a fur touch as well and think I’m going to order for myself this season haha. These would be a really fun small gift to give. As far as shoes, these flats are stunning and would be any girly girls dream to add to her closet for the holiday’s. Also, if there is one shoe that I have worn for 5+ years it would be my UGG slippers. They are by far worth every penny and I kind of want this mauve pair to add to my own wardrobe! If you’re going for a smaller present, beanies are always a cute fun accessory. I can’t get enough of leopard and I want this jeweled beanie asap. Lastly, if you’re a mom or boyfriend and splurging a little more…. you can not go wrong with a classic Tory Burch Tote. I have a light pink one and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever.

Girly Girl Gifts – Beauty Pieces:

This is what I love to gift my friends, mom, and sister. It’s so fun to gift lipsticks and fun beauty tools. Mac Lipsticks are my favorite and I love this time of year when Nordstrom offers fun beauty gifts with multiple lipstick shades. If you know the girl you’re purchasing a gift for is out or wanting perfume… my Viktor & Rolf perfume is my go-to scent when I want a classic yet chic perfume. Another great beauty gift is an eyeshadow palette. I have so many to recommend but for a basic neutral, everyday palette, this one is fabulous. Lastly, a super fun gift to add to a gift would be these rose gold brushes…. I mean if I got these I would probably be obsessed haha!

Girly Girl Gifts – Jewelry Pieces:

Ahhh jewels…. I love them. I used to love huge colorful statement pieces but now I really turn towards my simple and more dainty jewelry. I love to gift a fun everyday arm stack option or a classic monogram necklace is something that you will get your money’s worth. I wear my everyday!

Girly Girl Gifts – Misc. Pieces:

I’m not going to go through all of them as these ALL make great, fun gifts. But mugs, planners, blankets, candles, etc are items every girl wants. Just find some (like the ones I’ve shared) that are a little different than most. If you’re splurging this rose gold luggage set is a dream and I would personally be over the moon to get this on Christmas Day.

I think that’s everything for this first round of gifts!

I hope y’all enjoyed these girly gifts and got some ideas for your BFF, girlfriend, or daughter. Thanks for reading y’all! I so appreciate you taking them time out of your day to read my blog.

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  1. Lovingggg that luggage! It’s actually in my gift guide too! I think we both need it so we can twin emoji it up all day, every day (or at least whenever we run into each other in the airport!)
    XO Amanda

    Posted 11.8.17 Reply
  2. Sophie wrote:

    The luggage set is beautiful. I love the look of hard shell luggage. It looks so chic. I’d love to have it for holiday travels.

    Posted 11.11.17 Reply

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