Favorite Things To Do in Lubbock TX

Lubbock Texas Travel Guide | Favorite things in Lubbock tx | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle bloggerLubbock is the place I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life. When I first moved here from Dallas, it was a huge culture shock. I was used to a fun and hustling, bustling city and then Lubbock was just….bleh. Over the years though, I’ve grown to really love Lubbock. It’s growing SO MUCH but it’s still small to where I can get anywhere in 15 mins at most. This place has my heart now! 

I get asked this question a lot: “how do you make Lubbock look so cute!?” y’all…. whenever I’m shooting it’s like a small little corner of a ghetto, run down street. It’s been hard! But like I said, Lubbock is growing like crazy and if you go a little out to south Lubbock, away from campus, it gets SUPER nice. I had someone ask for me to do a little Lubbock travel guide but I thought I would start with this. Some of my favorite things to do in Lubbock Tx!

Here’s some of my favorite places in Lubbock broken down:

Things to do in Lubbock TX – Shopping:

Chrome- Such a chic and eclectic boutique. A little pricey but I just love walking around in this store because of how different it is. I especially like their home decor section! Definitely a stop if you’re in town.

Kingsgate Shopping- This shopping center is off by 82nd and Quaker I believe, but they have a couple awesome restaurants (Like Burgerfi!) and then they have Loft, Ann Taylor, Bath & Body Works, and even a Sprouts.

Maloufs- Another fabulous boutique. I love their jewelry. I think Maloufs is pretty old here but it’s a Lubbock must to go in and shop.

Runway Seven- This is in West End Shopping center which I listed below, but this boutique is super trendy and fun. They’re also reasonably priced and have a great store!

Stock- This boutique is another eclectic, fun one. I feel like it’s a much better Francesca’s! I like to stop in and see what fun items they have.

The Wine Nest- I recently went here for my first time about a month ago and it’s a little hidden treasure. They make personalized gift baskets and have a wine tasting room. They also hold fun events and it’s a really great store to stop in if you’re moms in town especially.

West End Shopping- One of the best shopping centers in Lubbock. They’ve got quite a few factory stores like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Nike, etc. They have a variety of restaurants like World of Beer, P.F Changs, Pie Bar, Panera, and the list goes on. There’s a couple more girly stores and then they also have a dessert bar called Crave.

Canyon West- The last shopping center in Lubbock that I enjoy. This one has Target, DSW, Ulta, World Market, Kirklands, and a bunch of restaurants.

Things to do in Lubbock TX – Food:

La Diosa- OMG. One of my favorites, but then again, all of these are my favorite. I adore La Diosa because it’s like nothing else. It’s very latin, dark, and SUPER fun with the boyfriend, group of friends, and even with your parents. They have a band play at night and even a FABULOUS brunch on the first Sunday of every month.

Funky Door- This is a big parent favorite too. I really love their new location because it’s huge and they have a huge wine tower. They have cheese fondues and incredible dinner/lunch options. I crave the spinach artichoke fondue ALL the time.

Cafe J- One of my longest favorites. I ate here when I was visiting Tech and still eat here as I’m about to graduate. They have an amazing dinner and brunch menu. (Didn’t care for lunch!) They also have a fun bar that’s popping late at night.

Burrito Tower- Quite the sketchy place not gonna lie. But best breakfast burritos! My girlfriends and I have been eating here for 3 years and still will wake up on a weekend morning and crave it so we go get a burrito and chips and salsa. They have a drive through and are SUPER cheap. It looks like a place that will give you food poisoning haha but it’s INCREDIBLE.

Sugar Brown’s- I love MANY coffee shops in Lubbock but this is the all time favorite. I crave their warm Chai Latte’s everyday. They also make really yummy kolaches in the morning. The atmosphere of this place is extremely home-y and comfortable. I love it!

The West Table- A fancy dinner but their menu is one of a kind. It’s underneath the Pioneer building and the decor is fabulous.

Tea 2 Go- My favorite place for a drink on the go. I like to go inside and make mine with half blueberry energy and half maui coconut. I like to ask for lemon sugar too! Delicious!

Things to do in Lubbock TX – Activities:

Activities not consisting of eating or drinking or going out to the bars are hard to find. But here’s some I’ve enjoyed:

Stars & Stripes Drive in Theatre- A fabulous date night spot. Josh and I did this and have been dying to do it again. It feels like you’re back in the 60’s and they have a cute diner where you can get delicious treats and popcorn.

Tech Terrace Park & J&B- This is Josh and I’s favorite Saturday morning activity. We love driving over to Tech Terrace to walk Marley around their Park and even the neighborhood. They have such fun homes. We love to stop at J&B coffee right next to it to grab some caffeine too.

First Friday Art Trial- On the first Friday of every month, the downtown area by the LHUCA gets together to put together this huge art gallery that hundreds of people come to, to walk around. It’s a BLAST y’all. They have food trucks, fun music, and it’s just an all around great time.

Louie Louie’s Piano Bar- A fun night time activity. I love doing this when my parents come to town but it’s quite the show haha!

Tech games- Can’t go wrong with attending a football game, basketball game, or any other sports games!

Mackenzie Park- This is a little bit out, but it’s another park we enjoy going to during the day to walk Marley. I love this one because it’s around a lake (or pond?? I never know haha) and it’s beautiful.

That’s a small round-up of everything I truly love about Lubbock. I hope y’all try some of these options if you live here or if you’re coming into town. Have anymore recommendations for me? Email me! I’d love to know. XO!Lubbock Texas Travel Guide | Favorite things in Lubbock tx | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger



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  1. Kim wrote:

    Can you please tell me where that Lubbock Texas sign in your picture is located?

    Posted 2.24.18 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      It’s located downtown at the LHUCA 🙂

      Posted 2.25.18 Reply

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