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It’s hump day!! This week is dragging but hey, we’re halfway to the weekend!! 🙂 I’ve been going strong with my dedicated workouts since mid-January. I feel stronger, more confident, and the healthiest I’ve ever felt. I still have a ways to go in my eyes but I constantly get questions about what workouts I do, where I go, and even what times I go. I figured I’d kind of layout my schedule here for y’all. 

To start, I haven’t been to a gym in like 4 months haha. I’m pretty dedicated to all of the workout studios I’m a part of right now and I just plan a workout for every day of the week. Here are the studios I’ve joined:

DEFINE Body & Mind: I LOVE this studio. I’ve been a part for about a month and a half. It feels like you’re not even in Lubbock when you enter. It’s a small studio but that’s my favorite thing about it. Laura, the owner is so nice and each class I’ve been too has only had like 3-8 people in each and it’s so fun. The classes they have are: Bounce (cardio, abs, arms, full body workout on a mini trampoline), Body (barre), Rev (cycle), and Mind (hammock yoga). I leave every class feeling refreshed. My favorite class is definitely bounce. I love the music, and I’m a girl who likes an intense workout and I always leave this class dripping in sweat. Their motto and everything they’re doing is amazing.

OrangeTheory: The very first studio/gym I joined. I’ve been a part of OT for about 4 months now. It’s easily one of the best workouts. These classes are about 25-30 people and they have one big room that consists of everything. You usually get a full body workout. You rotate from the treadmill, rower, and floor. The treadmill is fun because they do different rounds of different intensity. The rower is my least favorite haha. I seriously dread it every time I go in, but I still push through. And the floor is my favorite because I’ve seen huge overall changes in my body in strength. I’ve also learned a lot of arm, ab, and leg workouts that I love. My least favorite thing about OT that y’all are gonna think is funny is the music. I feel like it’s geared towards the older parents that go in but majority of the time it’s old rock, or pop music.

I’m HUGE into good music for my workout. If it’s not something I can jam too, I won’t push myself. When I’m working out I prefer extremely explicit rap or indie/edm music. That’s just what works for me. Although OrangeTheory definitely isn’t my favorite in the music department, it’s still so worth it to me.

CycleBar Lubbock: You can’t go wrong with a cycle class! It’s fun, and you get to unplug your mind for 45 minutes. Since I mentioned above about music, my favorite class to go to is Wednesday nights with Liza. It’s Hip hop hump day so the hip hop music never fails me haha. This is the best mid-week pick me up.

When it comes to my schedule, I try to work out 4-5 times a week. If I miss one day during the week, I’ll try my best to go on a Saturday morning. I currently have Yoga & Aerobics as a class credit lol #toughsenioryear. So I go to those M-Th… which means majority of the days of my week I’m getting two workouts in… if you count yoga as a workout haha.

Monday: 7:15am Orangetheory workout

Tuesday: 5:30pm DEFINE bounce

Wednesday: 6:45pm Hip Hop hump day at CycleBar

Thursday: 7:15am or 3:15pm Orangetheory workout

Friday: DEFINE workout or OrangeTheory

This definitely changes every once in awhile but I like to stay dedicated to the same times and workouts. I will say, you’re most likely NOT going to join 3 different gyms haha. It’s so expensive and I get that. I pay for Orange theory and that alone has me eating Taco Bell and Ramen at the end of the month haha. DEFINE and CycleBar I’m fortunate to be a part of due to my blog and also my other day job as we work for one of the companies. If I was just a part of Orangetheory, I would definitely just do that every day at the same times I’ve listed.

Working out on my own at my apartment gym or at the rec, worked for awhile. But then it stopped working and I became lazy.

These 3 workout studios and gyms in Lubbock have changed my attitude about working out and I get excited to go to each.


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