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Gift Guide For Him | Gift Guide for the significant man in your life | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger^OMG this was 2 years ago… haha

Welcome back gal! Hopefully you stopped by yesterday for some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration but TODAY we are kicking off the gift guides. Each year around this time, I compile and do a ton of different gift guides to make your life a little easier when it comes to gift giving.

A few weeks ago, I did a poll and questions on my Instagram asking what everyone really wanted to see as far as gift guides. I got about 80 messages alone saying “dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc.” Basically just MEN. To be honest, I still struggle every year on what to get Josh. Thankfully this year I have some good ideas which made this gift guide a little easier.

I originally planned to just do one gift guide with the same ideas for your boyfriend and dad but honestly…. I would get Josh some things I would NOT get my dad and vice versa. So I decided to build two different collages, one for each! There’s also some great ideas within the two for brothers and brother in laws. Let’s jump in!

Gift Guide for The Boyfriend/Husband/Fiancè
Gift Guide For Him | Gift Guide for the significant man in your life | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

For your man! I got some messages from a few girls saying their boyfriend is a little more country or a little more nerdy, etc. I think majority of these items can work for every type of guy. BUT definitely really think about the things your significant other likes. Josh is pretty old fashion and loves the outdoors yet is such a homebody and not too adventurous haha. I have paid close attention over the years to what he really enjoys! I will say, majority of these gifts are under $50 so they are great if y’all have small budgets, but also great to get a couple and gift him some things he needs. I usually do this and give him about 3-5 small, but needed gifts.

1. Cool Shades: This aviator style is SUPER attractive on every kind of male’s face. I swear lol. I love this style on Josh and these are really affordable. These would be great as a stocking stuffer or if y’alls budgets are smaller for one another, make it a gift if he’s in need of new sunglasses.

2. Boxers: Anyone else feel like their husband or fiancè wears the same boxers over and over!? Josh may kill me for this but I swear he rotates the same 3 pairs. This is DEFINITELY something he will be getting this year hahahahah. Always a great idea as a small side present to your son or husband.

3. Tech2 Bluetooth Speaker: Such a fun twist to a typical speaker! Pretty sure most men like music…. maybe he just moved into a new office or y’all are in a house where he has a little man cave. This would be the perfect addition!

4. Columbia Vest: I swear EVERY guy in Texas has one of these. And if yours doesn’t, here’s your gift! Men love these. If yours already has one, maybe get him another in a different color.

5. Catch-all Tray: This is another great small gift or stocking stuffer idea. Josh throws his watch and little things around and I know my dad growing up always had a tray for his cuff links and etc. This would be a great gift to give and something most men don’t think about buying for themselves but would really appreciate.

6. Flannel Pajama Pants: Josh has almost similar ones and he loved them last winter. You could purchase and throw in a comfy sleep tee and house slippers for your guy if he’s a homebody or maybe needs some good winter at-home pajamas.

7. Chemex Pour Over: Josh is fascinated with these. This is the first item he’s ever told me he really wants. He went to a hip coffee spot one time and they had these and he’s talked about ever since. If your boyfriend just graduated and started a new full-time job, this may be just what he needs!

8. Jack Black set: This stuff smells incredible. Would be a great gift to your man if he typically kind of picks up whatever products from the drug store. Men can have pamper products too!

9. Herschel Wallet: You could also opt for a nice leather wallet if theirs is falling a part but Herschel has been pretty cool for awhile now. Plus, pretty affordable!

10. Loafers: If your husband doesn’t buy shoes for himself that often, they always make a great gift. Loafers are an awesome staple for the working man and they also transition great for a family date night.

11. Customized craft beer glasses: LOVE these. You could also gift him a subscription beer service with them or grab his favorite IPA. A small, but thoughtful gift.

12. Touch screen gloves: Because who doesn’t want these!? Would make a great gift paired with some winter boots or a nice jacket for him.

13. SOCKS!!! Another thing Josh needs lol. He has SO many but he doesn’t have very many short or “no show” socks and is always taking mine! He’s going to get a little care package from me this year with underwear and no show socks 🙂 LOL

14. Razor: Update his old razor with a new one! This is the one Josh uses and loves

Gift Guide For Good Ole DadGift Guide For Him | Gift Guide for the significant man in your life | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Dads turn! My dad is a very simple, happy guy. He likes to golf and have nice things and that’s it. Growing up I always found it very hard to find a gift for him because he doesn’t like a bunch of little stuff, and only wants things he really needs. I would gift my dad all of these things! The last 3 years I’ve gifted him nice cuff links and fun socks…. I think it’s time to change it up this year haha.

1. Portable Travel Adapter: This thing is AWESOME. My dad has travelled for work my whole life and always going to Europe and overseas. When I first went to Europe with him, I learned their outlets are different! This would make an awesome gift for your dad if he travels a lot.

2. New Grill set: What dad doesn’t like to grill!? I always crave my dads steak. This set is affordable and looks really nice if he’s got really old utensils

3. Hydroflask mug: Everyone’s raving about these!! I love how they look and they keep coffee warm or an alchoholic beverage cold.

4. Cashmere Sweater: One can never have too many of these. This one is really comfortable.

5. Cool Hat: My dad personally likes really funky hats haha, he would totally wear this one. Maybe opt for a new baseball cap if he likes those or even a fedora!

6. North Face Gloves: New gloves could be a great gift if his are outdated or he gave them to your siblings.

7. Golf Balls: Perfect for the golf lover!! My dad golfs and is always in need of more balls. These are the best kind too!

8. Puffer Jacket: This one would be a perfect gift to dad. It’s under $100 and very warm. I love the olive color!

9. Cuff Links: Like I said above, nice, personalized cuff links are such a wonderful gift.

10. Ugg Slippers: SO cozy and I swear every man loves them once they have them.

11. Reading Glasses: Find him a cool pair of new reading glasses and get his prescription from him or your mom. I really like I have mine from there and they have a great selection.

12. Fitbit: Keep dad in style with one of these! My dad would be all over this.


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