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Happy hump day! Finished a 5:45am workout this morning and ran home to finish this blog post. Today I rounded up some gifts for the “beauty girl” but these make really awesome gifts for your sister, bff, daughter, or some even as stocking stuffers. Finding the best beauty gifts can be hard, especially if she has a beauty closet, but these are all some more limited edition/unique beauty gifts to give. 

Slip Silk Pillowcase: You may be thinking “why on earth would I pay that much for a pillowcase” or “what’s the point of this” but let me tell you, these pillowcases are INCREDIBLE. I had one the last couple of years and put mine through the dryer way too many times on accident (maybe) and completely destroyed it 🙁 But it’s literally the best pillowcase ever and the benefits are what make it so worth it. Not only is it just really silky soft to sleep on, but silk pillowcases are actually better for your hair and skin. It helps promote clearer skin, less tangled and damaged hair, and even helps with anti-aging. I had the pink for a couple years but I’m really wanting some nice new ones in this caramel shade I have above.

Jade Roller: This is actually called a face workout kit online. I linked this because of the jade roller but then looked more into the other stone and am pretty sold on this set haha. I just ordered a jade roller for myself because I kept hearing about the benefits. The face roller and the gua sha tool work together in this to help relieve tension in the face, help with anti-aging, and also help to restore a youthful glow. I’ve heard to add a little serum to your face and then “roll” it for about 15 mins.

T3 Micro Set: This is the set I’ve used to curl my hair for about two years now. It’s SO worth the money and not only are the tools just gorgeous, but they work so well too. I use all three of the barrels it comes with and I cannot say enough good things about this set. If there are any guys reading this, your girlfriend would LOVE THIS.

Laura Geller Illuminating Mist: I haven’t tried this but it’s now on my personal wishlist LOL. I love a good glow to not only my face, but my body too. The concept of this is fascinating and looks amazing. I love Laura Geller products so I bet this mist is beautiful on the skin.

Stila liquid Eyeshadow: I’ve been on glitter kick lately. I’ve recently been testing out this glitter liner that I’m loving but this eyeshadow looks incredible. I love the liquid concept and I bet this is so gorgeous on eyes. Plus the colors you can wear year-round and mix eyeshadows with.

Coffee Table Book: This may not seem like a “beauty” gift but any “beauty” girl most likely loves coffee table books, and fun fashion and beauty books to display. I love this pink one, it’s so cute and I’ve heard it’s actually a great read/ fun to look through.

Eye Mask Set: I love a good eye mask. They’re nice to put under your eyes to de-puff and help with dark circles. This is a great set to gift and I LOVE the little sleeping mask that comes with it.

Makeup Set: Want to gift a makeup kit but not really sure what? This one is perfect! It’s got a little bit of everything and everyone always loves Too Faced. This is the best bang for your buck too because it’s over a $357 value but you can get it for $58. It has 24 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes, a mascara, lipgloss, and face primer (this product is amazing). SO GOOD.

Beauty scrunchies: These would be a cute white elephant gift or small gift to your girlfriends if y’all are giving each other under $20 gifts. Scrunchies have made their comeback and I love the chic look of these velvet scrunchies.

That’s it for today’s gift guide!! Be sure to stay tuned for more. Lots of ideas coming y’alls way!! xx

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