Winter Skincare That’s Working For Me

Winter Skincare That's Working For Me | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

I have pretty dry to combo skin year-round. HOWEVER, once Winter hits, my skin starts to act all out of sorts and gets extremely dry. Anyone else!? I’ve shared multiple skincare products on my IG and blog page the past month but wanted to round up what I’ve been using and loving lately as far as winter skincare.

Cleansing Skin:

I use the Tula Cleansing Oil to really soak off my makeup. Not only is this super satisfying to do but the oil puts moisture back into your skin as you are removing that makeup. Next, I double cleanse with the Tula cleanser which is my most coveted Tula product. Seriously removes all makeup and dirt like a dream.

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Really love the Pixi glow tonic after removing makeup to soothe and exfoliate skin. It has aloe vera which is great after cleansing and also has glycolic acid so it exfoliates your skin without using harsh beads. Afterwards, I’ll use the Tula pro-glycolic resurfacing toner which is another toner and features glycolic acid but also has probiotics in it and beetroot extract to help exfoliate AND hydrate your skin.


In the morning I am IN LOVE with the Origins energy-boosting moisturizer with a little Vitamin C serum. In the evening, I love using my Tula Moisturizer with a little retinol drop. For my eyes, I am obsessed with the cold plasma eye cream. It’s a splurge but so worth it.

For Acne:

This retinol is my holy grail, especially when it comes to clearing acne. I like to go back and forth between that and Tea tree oil. This one has witch hazel and vitamin e oil to hydrate your skin and keep it calm while clearing acne.

Acne Creams | Winter Skincare That's Working For Me | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

That’s it for now with the winter skincare situation. Hope y’all enjoyed this and be sure to snag some Tula items while you can at 20% off!!! XO


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