Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Wedding Registry Must- Haves | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

I’m back with today’s #weddingwednesday. Did you catch my bridesmaids dresses last week!?

Today, I wanted to share all about our wedding registry. If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought about where you want to register at but just keep staring at the screen as you have NO CLUE where to start on the website or what to add first.

Where We Registered At:

We registered at Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, and Amazon. Our home is like a walking Crate & Barrel store I’m not even joking LOL. That was the #1 place we received gifts from. Honestly, totally could’ve just registered there and been happy.

Amazon had a few items that Crate & Barrel didn’t have and then Anthro was just for some fun home decor items…. all my girlfriends gifted us items from Anthro though as I think it was a little more fun for people our age to gift, especially the girls! But seriously, Crate and Barrel is MY JAM. Highly recommend registering there.

While I would totally love to share every single thing we got, I don’t want to overwhelm you. So figured I would just share some of our favorite items that we received.

Wedding Registry Must- Haves | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Dyson V11 Animal- If you have shedding animals… this is A MUST. We had a large group of women go in and get this for us. It is pricey but so worth it. It’s changed our home and the hair in it lol. So worth the money.

Roomba 675- We run this thing every day. It’s really nice to have as it can really clean your floors while you’re gone, or doing things at home. It goes through and gets little things so I don’t have to vacuum daily.

Pyrex glass containers- Didn’t realize how much we were going to use these until we got them! SUCH a great registry item. We use them to store food and I feel like leftovers are stored better and taste better in glassware than Tupperware.

Simple human trash- I put this on our registry after my friend, Geordian, told me how much she loves theirs. It’s honestly such a staple item haha. I know it’s a trash can but it’s more than that! The required bags are more sturdy and this thing holds A LOT. Plus, it looks sleek too.

Glass Mugs- These glass mugs are used DAILY in our house. Feels like a mini bistro in the morning.

Wine Glasses- We registered for these fun wine glasses that are a little different than your traditional style. Love love them and people ask about them all of the time too! They also come in a white wine size. We have and use both.

Cheese Board- If you enjoy hosting, be sure to put ALL of the hostware on your registry. I love this cheese board the most. I’ve used it multiple times already and it’s great quality.

Timed Slow Cooker- We had a slow cooker previously but this one IS AWESOME. The timed feature makes all the difference- especially when you work full time! You can start it in the morning and not be stressed about it over cooking. It turns off after the designated time and moves to “warm” to keep your food warm until you get home and are ready to eat.

Space Saving Pans- A 10-piece set that rocks!! These pans are incredible quality but I love the flat lids and the fact they stack SO well one top of each other. We love this set!

When it comes to registering, my best advice on where to start is to click the first tab on the website and just start going through every single page, and category and slowly adding. It took us like 3 nights to do, spending 2-3 hours each time. It’s A LOT but worth it because these are the pieces that will start your home as a newlywed couple. My other advice when it comes to registering:

  • Do not add anything you don’t need. Seriously by the end of it we got ANNOYED with how many boxes we were receiving haha. Not that we weren’t extremely grateful or anything for EVERY single gift but our apartment felt like it was closing in with the more “stuff” we received. Don’t register for anything you don’t think you’ll use or need!
  • Don’t be afraid to add the more pricier items. To each their own on this topic, but if you have more expensive items, still add them! A group of people may go in to get it for you OR people will see that those items are left and just send gift cards that you can put towards it. That’s what we did with our knife set. Was one of the only items left and people sent gift cards and we were able to go in-store and get it without spending any of our money.
  • Include your husband! This is one of the only times they really like when you ask their input. Josh really didn’t care about what glassware or plates I picked out but he loved that I asked him what he would like!! We added whiskey glasses for him, and some other items. The guys LOVE to feel included and feel as though their opinions matter HA.
  • Give different price points. Don’t be afraid to add high-price items but also do put some different price pointed items. Some people don’t want to get you a gift card. It may feel weird adding $10 dish towels or a $15 mop but people will bundle lower priced items and grab a couple of things that reach their budget.
  • Go back through your registry every few weeks. After you put it all together, go through it every few weeks! ESPECIALLY go through after each shower and before the wedding. You may not want items anymore, have more ideas on things to add, and just kinda scope it out. I removed a bunch of things after my first shower and added some other items that I felt we needed.

Hope this helps your wedding registry journey! Are y’all liking this series!?


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  1. Mariah wrote:

    I love this post! So helpful! I find it so interesting to see what people registered for. Especially once you’ve already lived on your own you run out of home things to need. Totally bookmarking this. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 2.5.20 Reply

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