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Hi friends! This is the last blogging tips post I’ve got for now. Don’t forget to check out all of the previous posts I’ve done here. To end my little series, I figured I’d touch on partnering with brands.

I shared the other week about ways to make money. One of them being, partnering with brands. I shared in that post a bunch of networks to apply to that have frequent brand deals. However, here are some tips on partnering with brands yourself without a “middle man”.

How To Partner With Brands:

How To Partner With Brands | Blogging 101 | Audrey Stowe

Form a relationship

First things first, form a relationship. Follow them on social media, like their posts, comment, tag them in your stories, etc. Get on their radar so that when you decide to reach out, it’s not all of a sudden. For example, if you want to reach out to Tarte beauty, tag them in a few stories when sharing your favorite beauty palette and start chatting with them. After a little time, message them about working together!

Reach Out

After you’ve spent some time trying to form a relationship, reach out! DM them on Instagram and ask for a good email to reach out to about a collaboration. The worst thing that can happen is they say no or don’t respond. Most of the time they do! If you don’t want to send a message on IG, check out their ‘about me’ page on their website and try to find a ‘press’ or ‘media’ contact.

Craft up a pitch email

After you receive or find an email, shoot them a pitch! Share why you want to work with them, what you can offer, and how this fits with your audience. There are many “pitch” email drafts you can find on google to help you too!

Hope this helps you partner with brands and that this series was useful to you guys! XO

P.S. I have something coming soon to help with more behind the scenes brand stuff so stay tuned!


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