Running Safety Tips

So on Monday I was watching Good Morning America, and they shared how there are more runners out and about now and how recently a few people have been found dead. I’ve also seen some articles about women being in danger when out, and needless to say, it has scared me a little.

I shared to stories on Monday, more about this, and some tips that were sent to me. I received hundreds of DM’s from trusting followers about their best safety practices and tips and to be honest, I felt like it was sort of my duty as a blogger to share everything. While I’ve built a following over the past 5 years based on outfits and beauty…. I can’t help but feel obligated to share all the tips and tricks even when it comes to just being safe. Unfortunately in today’s world, we can’t be too trusting and we ALWAYS have to be aware.

Also, a lot of these tips and items are great for day to day to have on you. NOT just running safety.

Running Safety For Women | How to Be Safe When Out | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Top Running Safety Tips:

  • Try running with a buddy
  • Try to go without headphones OR only have one ear bud in so you can listen to surroundings
  • Carry self defense items with you
  • Always go with your phone
  • Share your location with spouse or family so they can access your location
  • Keys between fingers if you don’t have a weapon
  • Don’t run on empty trails OR on roads/trails with lots of trees or woods
  • Try to run in residential areas or populated trails

Items To Buy:

  • Alarm Keychain: My friend sent me this alarm, but I’m also linking an amazon one if that’s easier. But these make loud noises to scare attackers and also have an LED light in case you’re out at night.
  • Pepper Spray: I’ve had some scary encounters in my life and have still never carried pepper spray. Ordered some ASAP. These are easily clipped onto your keys so you can have it wherever you go. White one linked here.
  • Self Defense Knuckle Knife: Someone sent this to me and I was amazed. Such a great product to take with you when running or even walking.
  • Fanny Pack: If you don’t have a running belt or fanny pack yet, you need one. Pack it with all of these items so you can immediately have it put together when you’re headed out to run.
  • Apple Watch: Or really any cellular linked watch. You can turn on fall detection so that it alerts family members if you fall and if you can buy the cellular, that’s even better so that you have that on your wrist and can dial 911 at easy access.
  • Airpods: Most people recommend running without headphones. TBH- I just can’t do that. I do like to zone out when running. However, get some airpods and run with one bud in so you can still be aware of your surroundings while jamming out.

There are definitely some things I’m missing but I really hope THIS post inspires you to be aware, protect yourself, and run safely if you’re running.


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