4 Ways I Keep a Positive Mindset Everyday

4 Ways I Keep a Positive Mindset Everyday | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Happy Wednesday! My goal for this whole space (my blog, IG, stories, etc) is to always be a positive voice and to exude nothing but love and positivity to you girls. Of course, I have bad days. I also complain, and get in a negative head space but I’m happy and positive majority of the time and that’s my goal FOR MYSELF.

I try to share that positivity through the internet as I think good energy makes others happy too. I wanted to share a couple of ways I keep a positive mindset on the daily with you girls who are looking to start living your life in a happy space… or maybe just need some positive motivation! And again, YES I have bad days. But I always aim for a good day. 🙂

“Positivity is a choice.”

4 Ways I Stay Positive

#1: Choose happiness.

This is something you have to train your mind to do. I’m very thankful my parents are positive people so I’ve been trained to do this since I was little haha. I vividly remember times in High School when I went through a dark stage and had a hard time getting out of it that every day my mom just told me I needed to choose to be happy. Flash forward to now and I took her up on that advice haha! CHOOSE happiness right when you wake up. The morning sets the tone for your whole day. The first couple of things you do in the morning should bring you joy to continue setting the positive tone for your day ahead.

#2: Affirmations and Jesus.

When I don’t do my daily quiet time, I can see it in my mood. I like to pray at night so doing my devotionals in the morning helps me to start the day with the Lord. If you’re not religious, journal or practice whatever brings you joy. I’ve also started writing down some affirmations. This feels weird at first to basically compliment yourself but I aim to say two nice things about myself every day and I try to always write them down. Words like “I’m beautiful, don’t forget it.” or “I’m doing awesome! and I have a great work ethic” are weird to write but again, helps enforce a positive and self love mindset.

4 Ways I Keep a Positive Mindset Everyday | Positive Energy and Quotes | Audrey Madison stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger
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#3: Surround Yourself With Good Energy.

I’ve recently become focused on “good energy”. In the past I’ve struggled with people pleasing, and not delegating my time correctly to the point to where I’m drained. YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR BAD ENERGY. Say it again with me!! If it’s in your job, start looking for a new one. If your friend is draining you, distance yourself. If your husband is a debbie downer, start talking about it.

This took me a long time to realize but I find that I am almost always drained by others. I love meeting new people but I also like to keep a close knit circle of people to spend my time with so that I don’t get over drained. It’s ok to be selfish with your time and only do things you want. (I’m still learning this.)

#4: Move your body

Vitamin D and movement gets those endorphins going which = happiness. Yay! This is why I workout everyday and why I stopped just taking Marley to pee outside and instead WALKING her each time. It’s good for her AND good for me. Get up and get moving! Whenever I’m having a bad day, I go on a walk and it helps my mind and body so much.

I could go on and on with more tips haha! But this is how I keep a positive mindset and be happy. It’s okay to have a bad day and sulk about it. I do all the time! But hope these tips help! XO!

Kind words are like Honey | Positive Quotes | Audrey Madison Stowe

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