Summer Reading List: What I Read

I had a few more books on my summer reading list that I never got around to…. I was pretty slow to read this summer haha! But, I read some really awesome books and had to share with you guys.

Summer Reading List | Books I loved | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Summer Reading List-

Cleanse to Heal: This was the first book I read in June. It took me a whole month to read because it was filled with so much info. I’m personally fascinated by medical mediums knowledge / research. I know people dislike him because he’s not a medical professional but I really like to learn and take ideas from him. This book was awesome. I never did the cleanse but I learned so much about problematic foods and healthy meal ideas. Highly recommend!

When Life Gives you Lululemons: The CUTEST summer read. Seriously this was the perfect poolside book. A fiction housewife classic. Based in Connecticut, three women team up to bring one of their husbands down. Its a light-hearted read and I loved it.

Woman Code: Ever since my journey of getting off of birth control, I’ve been reading more into the cycles us women have, and how hormonal birth control can have such an effect on our bodies. Birth control is a personal decision but this book opened up my eyes to so much about women’s bodies and cycle syncing. From a holistic health coach and has food shopping lists, a cleanse, and so much info!

This is Not a Fashion story: I’ve been blogging 5 years so I’ve known of Danielle Bernstein for a long time. I’ve always looked up to her drive and tenacity as she also started blogging from a young age like me. My sister purchased her book so I decided to read it. Over the last few months she’s had her name in a lot of tabloids so looking PAST that and just speaking on her book….. I really liked it. It was more about her life and everything’s she’s done to get where she is. I will say it did sound a little braggy and was disorganized at times but I still found myself in awe of the brand she’s created for herself.

Cleanse to Heal Book | Books I loved | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

I’m so glad that I’ve picked up an interest in reading ever since March. My next book, and first book of “fall” is going to be The Last Mrs. Parrish. So excited to read it! Thanks for stopping by the blog today.


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