Fredericksburg, Texas Weekend Recap

What to Do in Fredericksburg, Texas | Audrey Stowe

Last weekend, the hubs and I took a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas with our dear friends Geordian and Austin. I met Geordian a few years ago through blogging and it’s turned into a wonderful friendship and now our husbands are friends too.

I visited Fredericksburg about a year and a half ago with a group of girls. I did a full guide if you want to see it since we were able to do more! Wanted to do a recap of this trip since it was very chill and relaxing but we also had so much fun.

What to Do in Fredericksburg, Texas | Audrey Stowe

Where we Stayed:

We stayed with Cozi Vacation Rentals and it was DELIGHTFUL. The house was an awesome size and it would be perfect for a large group. It sleeps up to 12! The location is amazing as it’s just a few blocks from the main street, so easy access to everything in town. The house also has a hot tub, huge dining table, and so much more. They also offer these “Cozi Experiences” where you can book a massage, personal chef, wine tours, etc so we booked both dinners to be at the house through them to avoid being out at night. Tt was incredible to have dinner made for us at the house after a day of drinking.

What we Did:

  • Walked the main strip: highly recommend going into Rustlin’ Robs
  • Brunch at Sunset grill
  • Signor Vineyards the rest of the day on Saturday
  • Absolute Charm Wine Tour all day Sunday

Two Favorite Wineries:

  • Signor Vineyards
  • Augusta Vineyard

Tips due to COVID:

  • If you don’t do a wine tour, make sure you’re prepared to book a taxi service ahead of time. We went through Ricks Rides.
  • Book wineries ahead of time. We really wanted to go to Barons Creek, but they were completely reserved.
  • Lots of things are closed on Sunday’s in the town, so plan for that. We did some grocery shopping at the local H-E-B.
Couples Trip To Fredericksburg, Texas | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

We had such a blast! As you can see, we didn’t do TOO much other than drink wine but it was such a great weekend. Looking forward to the next trip!

All outfits linked on my LTK page or on IG.


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