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SO happy you're here. My name is Audrey and I'm a twenty-something gal living in Dallas, TX. Stick around, it's a party on this side of the internet!

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Home Organization | Small Space Organizers

Spring cleaning over here! I’ve been working on organizing different spaces that really need it and trying to get rid of what I can. Figured I’d round up some super helpful organization pieces to share with y’all in case you’re…

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Trending Swimwear I’m Loving for 2021

Ahh… I miss the Spring break days haha! Are you going anywhere this year or hanging in!? For any of you who are looking for new swimsuits for the Spring / Summer…. here’s some of my favorites I’ve seen lately…

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Dyson Airwrap Review | Is it Worth it?

In January, I bought the $600 Dyson Airwrap to try out for myself. I don’t normally spend that much on hair tools but I’ve been VERY intrigued by it and was totally influenced. It curls, smooths, waves, and dries and…

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Self Tanner Tips | How I Self Tan

Hello wellness Wednesday! Today I’m breaking down my steps for self tanning. If you’ve never done self tanner at home, it’s seriously so easy. If you’re a beginner though, I would definitely opt for light to medium self tanner options…

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