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SO happy you're here. My name is Audrey and I'm a twenty-something gal living in Dallas, TX. Stick around, it's a party on this side of the internet!

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Chic Fans We Chose For Our Home | Martinez Casa Bedrooms

We’ve officially been in our home almost 4 months! Why does it feel like it’s been 6 though? I shared in our first home post that we bought a 3 bedroom home. One of those rooms is my office while…

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Bedroom Decor:

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Pumpkin Latte At Home

I shared these pumpkin latte’s the other day on my feed. Wanted to add them here with step by step details too! They’re not too sweet, but super delicious with a hint of pumpkin. Perfect coffee drink hot or iced…

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Our Fall / Halloween Decor 2021

Finally getting around to sharing our Fall / Halloween decor this year! It’s the first of many in our new home. So excited to have a fresh new space to decorate. The theme I went for this year was actually…

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Halloween Decor:


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Fall Lip Combos I’m Loving

^ Looks like my skin tone changed but it’s really because one was taken in front of window and one was shadowed lol Hi friends! How are you!? Wanted to round up two lip combos I’ve been wearing lately. One…

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Lip Faves: