Summer Brights

Photography by: Stephanie Drenka

Hi Y’all! Welcome to my blog!! I am so so happy you’re here. 
For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had a youtube channel for 3 years and it has been my one outlet to be a complete girly girl and express my extreme obsession I have with fashion and beauty. It’s always been a huge passion of mine. So… when I was shown the whole blogging world about 6 months ago I fell in love, and decided to start my own! I am so excited for this journey of blogging and I really feel as though it is a perfect time to start. Not only is my blog here for my readers and people interested, but it’s also here for me to document a huge new chapter I am about to embark on. Which is yes.. college, being an adult, growing up, etc. A little scary to think about buttttttttt I am more than ready! 
Now for the outfit….. I don’t have a specific style, but my style has definitely been changing drastically the past few months [by drastically I mean I threw out more than half of my closet a month ago because I just hated everything] But I definitely like the bright colors and more of a modern southern belle type of look. I have been loving J Crew and I feel like every time I walk in there, all of their pieces are just meant for me… [my debit card begs to differ.] This Lilac skirt is so adorable, the cut is perfect because it has dimension, and flatters anyone. I was so shocked at how well my top paired with it, the colors are so different but it goes together flawlessly. And of course I paired it with these adorable orange summer wedges I got ages ago. Are you a neutral or bright color kinda girl?

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