galentines day with your girls on valentines day

With Valentine’s day almost a week away, I wanted to share this fun themed post I did with my best girl friends!

This post is geared towards the single ladies (AKA me) but can also be a fun idea for you girlies with boyfriends. A few of my friends in this post have boyfriends and we still managed to have our own Galentine’s 🙂

This time last year, I had a boyfriend on Valentines day. As I thought about how weird it’s going to be on Valentines day without a guy in my life, I realized I have so many other single girl friends and that you don’t need a man in your life to have a great Valentine’s day. So, if your single (or taken) and want to spend Valentine’s day with your Galentine’s…. here’s a few ideas for y’all. xo

sorority girls laughing on valentines day bunch of sorority girls for valentines day how to have a fun valentines day when your single

1. Have a fun photoshoot like we did. You don’t even need to hire a photographer. You can set up a background wall and take a ton of fun selfies. Grab some pink cupcakes and cookies, and just make it a picture perfect day.

zeta tau alpha girls on valentines day sorority girls outside for valentines

2. Have a picnic. Have you and your girlfriends all make something valentine’s themed to bring, set it up all cutesy and eat lunch together! #foodoverboysanyday

galentines setup picnic galentines setup for girls valentines day february 14 valentines day picnic outside

3. Go see a movie together. Personally, my friend and I WILL be seeing #HowtobeSingle when it hits the theatre’s 🙂 because what girl REALLY knows how to be single?? I don’t… #jk

red wall background photoshoot valentines day shoot with your girlfriends

4. Go bowling, or skating. It’s old school but so fun when you never do it. If you and your girls all get dressed up super fun in Galentine’s gear, and go bowl or skate it’s another great photo opp and a fun way to change things up.

have a fabulous valentines day with your girls two girls on galentines day valentines day for single girls

5. & last but not least… y’all can always go grab chocolate ice cream and a bunch of candy and cry together about how you’re all single. I don’t recommend this one… haha but sometimes girls just like this one. But I promise if you’re single, there are so many pros to it. Whereas I may not like or know how to be single, it’s probably the best thing if you really think about it. It allows you to focus on yourself, your friends, and your dreams. I have never been so focused on my career dreams, my blog, and myself in my life, and I’ve accomplished more for myself in the 6 months I’ve been single than I have my whole time being in a relationship. Boys get in the way. I know we all want that one person, but until you find them, think about how great you are and how much potential you have in this world. No boy should get in the way of your dreams.

vintage valentines day for girls

Hope all of you gorgeous girlies have the BEST valentine’s day whether you’re celebrating it with your man, or your Galentine’s.

xoxo, babes.valentines day when your single

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Photography by: Michael Sergei

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  1. Jordyn wrote:

    This looks like such a fun photoshoot and picnic, your pictures turned out adorable. Being single on Valentine’s Day can definitely be hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

    Posted 2.4.16 Reply
  2. Y’all are stunning! Beautiful pictures and awesome ideas for Galentine’s Day!


    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  3. Y’all are seriously the cutest thing! This looks like a perfect way to spend #galentines day, with a group shoot and holiday sweets!

    Pick Your Beau

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  4. Cat wrote:

    This is such a cute post. I love how you and your friends all got dressed up and had a blast…because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about! Hanging out with those you love.

    Posted 2.6.16 Reply
  5. Lanae Bond wrote:

    Cute photos! I also love the suggestions and the candy!

    Posted 2.6.16 Reply
  6. I love the idea of Galentine’s Day! It looks like you all had a fabulous time.


    Posted 2.8.16 Reply
  7. Sara Kate wrote:

    Nothing better than galentines!! I just had a galentines brunch this weekend and it was the highlight of my week.

    Sara Kate Styling

    Posted 2.8.16 Reply
  8. Rittz wrote:

    You guys look all so lovely! Adorable photos too!

    Posted 2.9.16 Reply

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