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Happy Friday y’all!

Today feels like a Monday to me because yesterday I was at an event all day! The girls I intern for, a luxury travel company, put together an ALL-day event that exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was a great day but let me tell y’all, I’m.so.exhausted. I’m definitely an introvert extrovert so I’m the kind of girl  that needs her alone time to gain energy to be social for a few hours. Yesterday, I was great at it up until my few hours ran out and when I usually take the time to go home and gather myself, I wasn’t able to do that. I had to keep going from 10am-9pm and it was SO draining. I found that I tried to escape for a few minutes to just pray and breathe and then got back out there 🙂 Sometimes I wish I was just a huge extrovert little bubble of fun but I guess God just did not have that planned for me. Anyways, I’m just so thankful to have two amazing mentors in my life and to be interning for the most incredible up and coming luxury travel company.

Speaking of travel, I have another look from my trip to NYC. We spent this whole day in one of my favorite places, Soho. This area is full of trendy, young, people as well as tons of shopping. I also love making our way to the little cobblestone homes in the area, makes me feel like I’m back in Paris. Definitely recommend putting Soho on your list to-do in NYC if you haven’t been already. This day was extremely warm so I wore this light and breezy dress that is ONLY $25 and comes in every color possible?? It fits true to size and is the perfect dress for on-the-go. Also, hello tassels galore?? I bought this tassel necklace a little while back from Topshop and then ended up finding these cute tassel earrings in the SAME color from H&M right before my trip. This whole outfit is extremely affordable so go grab you some tassel jewels and an easy dress on this Friday!

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend!

$25 Dresses:

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