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Hi friends!! Today I wanted to round up some fall staples that are in trend! First and foremost… excuse this collage lol. I stayed up super late the last few nights trying to figure out photoshop. If anyone has used it and remembers their first few times with it than you probably know my pain. It is SO difficult but I thankfully pulled this together, but definitely not my best work haha. Still in the works though 😉

This season I’m crazy about sweaters and the color blush. Y’all saw in this post a combination of both. I adore dressing for all seasons but Fall is always so fun because you can layer and really wear so many different pieces.

Fall Staples Y’all Need:

1. Versatile Brown Staple Bag: 

Something everyone definitely needs is a versatile bag that goes great with every outfit and ever occasion. This one can go with dressier looks as well as nikes and athleisure. The brown shade and leather are classic!

2. Blanket Scarf

I always stock up on the thick blanket scarves. Personally, if I’m wearing a scarf, it’s going to be super thick and warm. Not one of those light baby scarves! I’ve been such a fan of the plaid print too.

3. Light Sweater

I have a ton of these and I think I still need more!! These are awesome staples because you can pair with cutoff shorts and booties on warm fall days or layer it with a scarf, puffer jacket, and thigh highs when it gets colder.

4. Leopard Heels

I literally JUST purchased these and I am too excited to get them in the mail. I’ve seen leopard literally EVERYWHERE this season. It’s definitely a top trend and although I don’t find leopard print that flattering on me, I wanted to try it out in a shoe. These are affordably priced as well!

5. Ripped Denim

Ripped denim has been a favorite of mine lately. I think it’s just a subtle edgy piece to mix things up!

6. Booties!!

Everyday: These brown leather booties are awesome for every day wear. Whether you’re going to work, out at night, weekend brunching, etc. these work with just about everything!

Occasional Velvet: I have been swooning over these ever since I saw them! They’re pink and they’re velvet… could they get anymore perfect!? I could totally see these used for fun nights/ weekend looks!

7. Sweater Dress

I have a couple of these and I always wear them a ton when I’m in a rush. I find they’re so easy to just throw on and keep you extremely warm. Pair with some boots and you’re ready in 5 minutes!

8. Suede Jacket

This blush suede jacket is something I NEED in my closet next. Blush is my favorite of all time and while I already have a brown suede jacket, blush is next! Suede is such a classic and you’ll find yourself grabbing it more often than you think!

Well, that’s it for Fall Staples!! I hope y’all enjoyed these picks and thanks for reading!! xx


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