Gift Guide For the In-Laws

Gift Guide For The In-Laws | Gifts for your boyfriends parents | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Hump day AND the day before Thanksgiving!? I feel a good day coming on! Today I wanted to share a gift guide for your in-laws/ boyfriend or fiancè’s parents. I went ahead and just said “in-laws” to make this easier. I definitely have the hardest time thinking of gifts for his family. There’s definitely NO pressure but I mean, come on we still feel a little pressured! I know Josh gets anxious about what to get my parents as well.

I rounded up both in this gift guide and just some small, simple gifts that you just can’t go wrong with. Of course, cater your gifts to his family as you know them.


Gifts for his mom:

Turtleneck layering sweater: This sweater is so amazing. It’s comfy and under $50!

Bangle bracelets: Adore these cuffs! They’re versatile and something she can layer with any outfit.

Swell Bottle: A new water bottle for the on-the-go MIL!!

Lip stick/ lip gloss favorites: This is an awesome gift if she loves lipstick or lipgloss. She can try out a ton of different options and brands and the packaging is sooo cute to gift.

Notebook: I love this fun notebook! If his mom loves her bible study or her church notebook is coming to an end, get her this new vibrant one! You can pair it with a pack of her favorite pens and a new book or coffee mug for the perfect gift.

Travel Duffel: This weekender bag is adorable and so chic! Would make a great gift to his mom if she has a trip coming up or will be driving back and forth to see y’all.

Nest Candle & Diffuser: You can seriously never go wrong with this candle and diffuser. It smells amazing around the house and she will be hooked afterwards.

Gifts for his Dad:

North Face jacket: This jacket makes the perfect gift. It’s a bit of a splurge but it is so durable and perfect for the cooler weather.

Electric Corkscrew: Josh and I have this and it’s amazing. If he drinks, this would be a great gift with his favorite wine.

Workout Pullover:  This half-zip is so comfortable and makes a great gift for your boyfriend or his dad. Just make sure to get his size!

Efficient backpack: Honestly want this backpack for myself haha. This is so nice for the traveling father! It’s water resistant, has a spot for the laptop, and a charging port!

Yeti Mug: A must for all guys!! Josh loves his and I think it would make a great, small gift to your husbands father.

Sunglasses: These are on sale! Or at least I hope they still are when y’all see this. These are such a great snag and I see a lot of dads and older men rocking this sunglass style.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps and thanks so much for shopping through my links too…. I appreciate y;all so much. Have the MOST amazing Thanksgiving… xx


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