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Gift Guide For Him | Mens Gift Guide 2019 | Audrey Madison Stowea fashion and lifestyle blogger

Welcome back to the blog today!! It’s wedding week and kind of chaos around here. Today, I wanted to go ahead and share a fun gift guide for him 2019 version! I think this one is filled with a ton of really awesome gifts for all price points and all types of guys.


  1. XBOX One: For the gamer! Josh sold his xbox 2 years ago and now wants one again haha. Comes with a few games too!
  2. Record Player: I got this for Josh over the Summer and he loves it! It’s a really chic addition to our house and he has fun getting records for it. A win-win gift for both 😉
  3. Quarter Zip: Guys love their quarter zips!! This one is really awesome
  4. Touch Screen Gloves: More than likely, they lost their gloves from last year so re-stock their gloves with these fun touch screen options. Makes a great small gift!
  5. Raspodo Mobile Launch Monitor: For the golf lover! This product is a REALLY awesome gift and something fun and different for your husband, father, or brother. This monitor gives the ability to analyze their golf swing by monitoring distance, ball speed, launch angle and more. Comes with a portable monitor and app! You can connect with players around the world and share your shot reports. I’ll leave a picture of the Raspodo MLM in action below!
  6. Bose Speaker: This speaker is so awesome. He can bring with him golfing, on a guys trip, in the garage, etc.
  7. Hoodie: Josh has this and wears it ALL THE TIME. He actually loves the light pink color too.
  8. Puffer Coat: Can’t go wrong with a nice puffer! This one is sleek.
  9. Jack Black: The best smelling stuff for guys! This is a grooming kit and they will LOVE IT. My dad loves this brand!
  10. Duffel Bag: Under $200 and has compartment for shoes when they’re in security line. Awesome gift for the husband or dad that travels!
  11. Yeti Mug: Who would say no to this!? Add their favorite restaurants gift card inside, or a starbucks gift card!
  12. Slippers: The slippers are so nice! Have faux-fur inside and great reviews.
  13. Bose wireless headphones: I LOVE my wireless headphones…. get yourself and your guy a pair to make workouts even better.

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This post was in collaboration with Rapsodo MLM.


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