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Today is the day! I FINALLY graduated from high school… I’ve wanted this day for so long. I decided to post this not only to show what I wore for graduation, (because I really LOVE what I wore) but I also wanted to add my personal reflection of my high school experience.

Before we get into the craziness… can we talk about how awesome these photos are!? Stephanie Drenka took these for me and I have never loved a photo so much! The background of Dallas is so beautiful and the lighting is perfect. If you live in the DFW area and want photos done contact her!! She’s amazing!

High School was definitely not easy for me. It was dramatic, hard, fun, and confusing. I’ve always been mature beyond my years and sometimes, that makes things a little hard when it comes to friends and different relationships. The first two years of high school were a lot of fun, but crazy. That was my time to make a lot of mistakes. I don’t regret those two years, because I’m glad my little ‘rebel stage’ was then and not now, but I definitely don’t like to remember that period of my life because I was so confused on the person I was. In the beginning years of high school I jumped friend groups because I changed so much, and didn’t know what kind of people I liked to be around. I also moved states, (from Arkansas to Texas) which didn’t help my case either coming into a big high school hardly knowing anyone. I moved schools and states multiple times growing up so I never really got the chance to ‘grow up’ with childhood friends like most people do.

Moving on to junior and senior year…. they were probably the toughest years thus far. Especially senior year because I really struggled making friends. As I entered my last year of high school, I was left with little to no friends, which just is what it is. (All I can do is just laugh about it now lol) I  have never really found my friend group that I feel like I fit in with and love. Girlfriends are super important to me, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to find a group or a few girls that I genuinely love and enjoy. (Although I was super lucky enough to have a couple really really great friends) I believe I’ve come across some great people but never was in the right type of situation/environment to get to know them. So, this whole year I’ve had a lot of time to myself. A LOT of time to reflect back on all my decisions and I have to say, I think It was the best thing for me. I completely figured out the kind of person I am and want to be. I defined to myself the kind of qualities I want in friends in my life, and I really (really) matured. I have such high hopes for college because I truly feel like God put all of these obstacles and hard times in my life this past year, to bring me amazing friends (hopefully) and a really fun future as a college student.   High school was filled with tears, heartbreak, laughs, backstabbers, smiles, bad choices, and big changes… but I will definitely not miss it. Cheers to being graduated and getting to finally close this chapter.

 I am headed to Europe tomorrow.. a complete dream come true! It’s the only thing I wanted for a graduation present. The best thing about it is that I get to go with just my Dad! I am so excited to spend 11 days with him exploring multiple places throughout Europe. Thanks for reading!


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