Maxi’s In Monaco

I am so excited to share an outfit post today. Especially this one. I had a lot of different outfits I loved on my trip to Europe, but this one was by far my favorite!
We spent this day in Monte Carlo, Monaco and this maxi dress was perfect for not only the atmosphere there but the weather as well. I love three things about maxi dresses. 1. they can make anyone feel chic. 2. They compliment any body type. 3. They’re breezy so you aren’t burning up on a hot summer day. 
The best part about this dress is that I got it for $30!??? what… 
If you haven’t figured this out yet from my about me page.. I’m a huge advocate for affordable fashion. I love to mix high end with low end, as well as bargain and find great deals. This dress was a steal, I got it in the winter (when summer stuff goes on sale) and I also had a coupon, therefore $30 for this dress is amazing! It looks and feels like a $100 dress too. (win win) I couldn’t find this exact dress online, but I linked a dress I think is adorable, above!!
We walked all throughout Monaco this day, looking at the fancy cars and yachts.. you can read exactly what I did here. With this black wool hat, my dress, and my aviators I felt so chic and definitely thought I should be casually lounging on one of the ginormous yachts. (I WISH)
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