The French Riviera

Sorry for the picture overload!! It was so hard narrowing down which photos I wanted to include in this post. My dad and I spent three days along the South of France, exploring this stunning area.
Day 1:
We actually lost a day due to train issues. We traveled by train from Milan, Italy to Nice, France… and it was just our luck because the workers went on strike that day.. Which means almost all trains were canceled. But we finally got on one 6 hours later that wasn’t even going to Nice, but at least stopped by. We arrived around 8:30 pm but it was perfect because we got to walk around, look at the beach, and have an awesome dinner. (We ate at a restaurant called VIP’s and it If you walk the Promenade des Anglais, it’s filled with fun restaurants, bars, and cafes.
Day 2:
We got up early and went on a walk around Vieux Nice (Old Town Nice) and then hopped on a train to Monte Carlo, Monaco! I cannot even begin to describe the beauty of this place. My dad took me to eat lunch at the Fairmont Hotel where he and my mom stayed when they came long ago. It overlooked the beautiful yachts and was right over the ocean. We also ate the best pizza I had ever had in my life! (Arugula, fresh sliced parmesan, and truffle slices) After that, we walked the yacht harbor… which let me tell you… epic!! I walked through dreaming/wishing that I owned one. (ha maybe in a million years) Monte Carlo was just adorable, it’s very upscale and the views of the Alps, the ocean, and the yachts make for one heck of a day. After that, we took a taxi to Eze. It’s a small village you hike up and it overlooks more of the ocean on this small cliff. Within the village (it is so teeny tiny) they have little shops and tapestry stores that are tucked in the walls. (like the doors are about 2 ft tall, you have to crouch down to get in) But it was definitely a fun experience and something I think everyone should take a few hours to do if you’re in the South of France.
Day 3:
This day, we only had half a day because that night we jumped on a train to Paris. We woke up and rode an early train to Cannes. (you know… where the famous film festival is held) I wish we had spent more time here and brought our bathing suits! The beaches in Nice are stone, and the beaches in Cannes are sand. (hello! Way better) You can see in one of the photos that they had this huge rock a couple feet away in the water and people would swim to it then jump off. We toured the yacht harbor there as well, and looked at the yacht club/casino right by it. Perfect three days if you ask me! Thanks for reading! My Paris post will be up sometime this week as well so look out for it đŸ™‚

And…. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!! I am so thankful for my dad, and the person he is!  


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