How to Create goals & Stick to them

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The one thing I’ve learned to do for myself, each month and year is to set goals. Not the goals of “wow their relationship is #goals,” “her hair is #goals…” etc. you get the point. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in wanting what other people have and wanting to look or be like someone else (guilty!) that we lose sight of ourselves. My job revolves around the media. I spend a good half of my day on Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc. I have an online blog, and I have a side job working for and helping out with their social media. So… I am constantly seeing what other influencers are doing, buying, and saying. It’s really hard not to get caught up in that, and not compare myself to that. I find that a ton of girls throughout middle school and high school are so insecure. Especially the younger girls because they grew up with a phone and social media as soon as 2nd grade. (I never got a phone until 6th grade… and I see babies have them now, what!?) So girls get to grow up seeing “perfection” on Instagram, and other social platforms. It’s so easy to make yourself look “perfect” on social media. But don’t let others lives, who may look better (even though they aren’t) discourage you on making you a better you, for the benefit of yourself.

OK…. sorry I get side tracked. Now, onto this post.

Setting monthly goals is hard for some people. Some people don’t have the motivation, confidence, or drive to stick to a goal and follow through. But, it’s good to start now.

Create Your Goals

Creating goals, shouldn’t be too hard. Everyone can always improve themselves. I have an ongoing list of things I strive for, and things I want to improve. Think about what you can improve on, what you don’t like about yourself, any bad habits you want to fix, etc. But, when you are jotting them down, DO NOT think about how you could be like someone else, don’t think about your favorite Instagram blogger who you want to be just like. Be yourself, and improve that person. Nobody likes a girl who is 1. a follower and 2. just like someone else.

Stick to Them

Here’s where it gets tricky…. I’m going to share my top 3 tips on what works for me.

1. Jot them down. everywhere. In your planner, school notebook, on your phones notes, in your phones calendar… put. them. everywhere. you. can! You need to be reminded of them everyday, so it sticks in your head.

2. Find a friend, who has goals for themselves too, and make a pact to encourage and help one another to accomplish them. I’m independent, but sometimes it’s nice to have a friend along. Maybe one of your friends wants to improve on a few things in their life too, get together and promise to remind, and motivate each other to really accomplish them. If one of them is to workout, have a friend who has the same goal, and workout together. It’s really easy, if you just put the effort in to begin with.

3. Reward and discipline yourself when needed. LOL, this may sound weird, but it works. Let’s say my goal for a month is to workout 4 times a week. If I skip a day, I won’t let myself go out with friends on a Saturday night and instead I’ll get my butt to the gym… it’s really disappointing but it makes my mind and body know that skipping out or taking an easy way out on one of my goals results in losing a social and fun night. I hate missing out, so that right there would have me NEVER missing a day or goal. Take away whatever it is you may give yourself that month; a social event, new shoes, a shopping spree, etc. If you want something bad enough, you won’t lose sight of your goals. But, also reward yourself. If you’ve completed a goal like; getting organized, or getting up early, etc. Reward yourself! Go buy yourself that new handbag, or treat yourself to a nice dinner with friends. It’s important to have self motivation, and know that not everything is just handed to you, even small goals.

Goals are hard to make, when you doubt yourself. It takes a small amount of confidence and encouragement to make a list, and complete the things you want to improve on. I most definitely recommend trying to create a goal list for yourself, and seeing where it takes you… you never know until you try! Goodluck! (insert kiss emoji)


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  1. These are awesome tips, Audrey! I’m always making goals whenever I feel motivated, but I rarely seem to follow through with them. Bookmarking this post so I can use it for future reference!

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  2. Jenny wrote:

    These are great tips, girl!
    I also make goals for myself because achieving them makes me so happy.
    I definitely follow number 3 a lot and I’m not even ashamed.

    xoxo, Jenny

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  3. Amy wrote:

    I always use the reward system when trying to achieve goals. I mean, what better way to motive yourself then treat yourself at the end? My favorite thing to do is say I’ll buy me something nice like a new purse or something if I consistently go to the gym for 5 months, or something like that. It really does work! Hope you’re having a great day!


    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  4. Michaela wrote:

    This post is wonderful. I agree goals are very personal and sometimes we get caught up wondering if our goals measure up to everyone else.

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  5. Annaliese wrote:

    Yes to being accountable with a friend!! Lately my suitemate and I have been trying to keep each other accountable for things. I tell her some of my blogging goals (even though she doesn’t blog), and she tells me some goals that she has for her personal life this semester. Even though we might not have the same aspirations, we can help hold each other to our goals!!

    xoxo A

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  6. Elana wrote:

    First of all, I love that image so much! I like to share goals with people because it makes me more accountable (plus it’s nice to have someone to text when you’re about to break a goal and need some encouraging words).

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  7. These are great tips. Going to the gym with a friend always keeps me accountable–even if we don’t work out together, knowing that she’s waiting for me will help me get my butt there every day!

    Alexandra Adams | X Height Ment

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  8. Kayleigh wrote:

    Love this! I’m so big on rewarding myself and it makes it so much more fun/achievable!

    Posted 1.15.16 Reply
  9. Great tips! I totally relate to this! If I don’t write a goal down/ make a to do list it’s not gonna happen! If its written down then I keep myself accountable!


    Posted 1.16.16 Reply
  10. these are awesome! I also have a tough time sticking to my goals, so I am trying to make a better effort with that. After all, it only takes 21 days for something to become a “habit”. x, kenz

    Posted 1.16.16 Reply

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