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Friday Favorites | Kimonos | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger Cheers to Friday! This week has been an awesome week that I’m so thankful for because the last few weeks I’ve had some health issues and have been sick, so I’ve felt really behind on everything. But after this week I’m feeling good, inspired, and caught up. I also made my first big girl purchase that I have been thinking about the last 8 months.

Something you may not know about me is I’m a huge tech nerd. I fascinate over cameras, phones, computers, and any and all technology. I would rather have the latest and greatest tech over clothes any day. I’ve had a super old 2008 iMac this year (was my parents and they gave it to me!) but I was in need of something a little more updated, with a lot of storage, and something that was faster. I have a Macbook Air which is so awesome for class but to run my business… it just ain’t happening with that. I can never store anything or edit videos, so I have been in dire need of a large iMac.

I know y’all are probably confused haha but there is a lot that goes behind my blog. I need a lot of storage and a big screen to focus. I knew this purchase would be big and something that I needed to really think about for awhile. I found the one I wanted, pre-used and a couple years old but it’s the model and screen I wanted so this is kind of a big deal for me and I just had to share!

So that is probably my biggest favorite for this week and probably the next couple of years. But here are some other things I’ve been loving:


I’ve always loved a good kimono so when I saw that these were all over my Instagram I got super excited. The one I’m wearing is from a local boutique but I’m swooning over all of the duster kimonos. I think they’re so cute thrown over a graphic tee and denim shorts.

Vitamin C Serum

Why did I just find out about this stuff is the real question!? I am working with a new skincare company Advanced Clinicals and they’ve been so kind to let me try a bunch of products. Needless to say I am completely converted and love this skincare brand… especially their Vitamin C Serum. I’ve seen the biggest results from this serum as it’s helped with scarring, dark pigmentation, and the overall look of my skin. I couldn’t recommend this enough!

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has always been my favorite but I shared early this week exactly how I’ve been making my iced coffees lately. It’s YUMMY. I first take a mason jar (very specific how I like my iced coffee), then I’ve been using these cold brew coffees from Limitless. I pour half of it in, add half a spoon of sugar, then top it off with my creamer. I’ve been using the Fairlife 2% milk. It’s lactose-free and I swear it tastes better than normal milk. I grew up drinking a glass of milk every night so when I found that the reason I was breaking out so much and having stomach issues was because of a lot of dairy, I cut milk out. Soy milk is good but it’s not the same. My boss introduced me to fair life and I am a changed person!!! I could drink glasses of this everyday. It has less sugar and more protein and tastes amazing in coffee. It’s pitiful how much I love and get excited over this milk but it’s the truth!!

Spaghetti Squash

I cooked Josh dinner the other night and was surprised when he said he would let me make him Spaghetti squash haha. He is my Texas guy so he eats meat, pasta, and Taco Bell only 😉 Sometimes I can get him to eat vegetables and I have been wanting to make this the last year. I found a super easy alfredo and spinach recipe so I made that for us and added some chicken and voila. It was so delicious! It’s pretty rich so we actually loved having some chicken to spice it up.

Wildfox Sweater

I bought my first Wildfox sweater a month ago and finally got to wear it the other week. It’s actual heaven. If you have never heard of these pullovers before, they’re insanely expensive but very cute and typically with some fun wording. I bought mine on sale from Saks Off 5th. I think I may have to go back and grab some more next time I am home!

Banana Powder

I love banana powder. I’ve always wanted a loose powder in this shade that I can set my concealer with. I love my pressed banana powder from this palette but I was at CVS the other week and saw this loose powder for super affordable and it’s amazing!! I love the texture and it sets my under eye makeup so well.

Kate Spade Tumbler 

“Eat Cake For Breakfast!” I know y’all have heard of that saying from Kate Spade. I love my tumbler from her and it says that. I have enjoyed using this throughout the day and I usually fill it up with a breakfast smoothie in the morning and then with lots of water throughout the day.

Well, I think I’ve covered just about everything I’ve purchased or have been loving recently. I couldn’t say enough good things about everything! I hope y’all have the most wonderful weekend. It’s game-day in Lubbock tomorrow and it’s our white-out game. 🙂 Did you see this game-day style post?!

XXFriday Favorites | Kimonos | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger Friday Favorites | Kimonos | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger Friday Favorites | Kimonos | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger Friday Favorites | Kimonos | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger



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  1. Rachel wrote:

    I love the pop of read with your cute little purse! XXoo

    Posted 9.15.17 Reply
  2. Mariah wrote:

    That is a huge purchase! Congrats!

    Posted 9.15.17 Reply

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