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Hi friends!!! Let’s talk HAIR shall we? I’m not sure that I’ve actually shared on my blog but I’m sure y’all know that I do in fact wear extensions haha. I got these halo crown hair extensions in July so I’ve been wearing them for about 4 months and figured it was time to share a little bit about them for all the questions I get asked.

First of all, I love my natural hair. I have thick, medium length hair and I truly love it. A lot of people get extensions for certain reasons they need, but I honestly thought it would be fun to have for the weekends. I wear my hair for any events, nights out, and to dinner! I don’t wear them to class or to work.

So you’re probably wondering what they are since I can take them out. My extensions are a halo and they’re amazing!!! I got my halo crown hair extensions from Hidden Crown Hair and it’s the best thing ever. The hair is so nice and feels great and I haven’t had any issues with it at all.

Why I Chose Halo Crown Hair Extensions:

When I was looking around for extensions, I knew I didn’t really want permanent beads or tape-ins. I wanted something I could take out but didn’t want clip-ins because I did those in high school and hated them. I did hours of research on what youtubers were wearing and their reviews. I came across Hidden Crown and was so intrigued by what this form of extensions were. Their customer service was amazing and the hair I chose matched mine PERFECTLY. Now, y’all know I recently dyed my hair a little darker but did not dye my extensions. I wish they were a little darker but I love how they give my hair a more balayage look.

What is a Halo?

A halo is pretty much a whole thing of hair on one weft held by a fishing line. LOL sounds weird. But it works. I will leave a youtube video below with what looks like and how I put mine in. You just slip it over your head and it’s as easy as that.

How I Style my Halo Crown Hair Extensions:

When styling, it’s always easier to blend extensions when they are curled. I rarely ever straighten them which is nice because I’ll curl them about once a month and they hold their shape. I don’t put any product in them (i.e: hairspray, mouse, styling cream..etc.) I will put a little spritz of heat protector on them but that’s it. I curl my hair with my T3 wand and my hair still looks brand new. You are supposed to wash them about every 3-4 months but I have yet to wash mine because I just feel like they don’t need it yet.

I brush them out every morning and night with a wet brush. I do see a little bit of shedding with the hair but that’s normal!! These are honestly such a fabulous extension brand and I’ve been so pleased with it. It does not damage your hair whatsoever. The only issues I ever had were in the first month of wearing them, I got some headaches each day. But my head adjusted and now I wear them for 10-12 hours at a time!!

Picking your Halo Crown Hair Extensions Color:

I get asked so much about how I picked a color that matched so perfectly (to my hair before I went darker). I want to say I got lucky… but I honestly am such a ‘research’ oriented person that I spent hours examining their hair options, watching youtube videos and looking at their Instagram. Their Instagram features a lot of girls and I looked for the one that looked like their hair and complexion was about the same to mine and whatever shade was listed was what I got! Mine blended seamlessly. Once I got them, I did take them to my hairdresser to have her trim them to my hair a little bit.

I have become extremely attached to my halo crown hair extensions… is that sad!? I just LOVE the way they look and how much extra volume they add. If you want a little oomph to your hair, I suggest these. Or send them to your mom for Christmas 😉

I believe that covers all of the questions y’all send me. I hope that helps and if you’re in the market for extensions, I couldn’t recommend these halo crown hair extensions more. Hope y’all have a fabulous day!

HALO CROWN HAIR EXTENSIONS featured by popular Texas beauty blogger, Audrey Madison StoweHALO CROWN HAIR EXTENSIONS featured by popular Texas beauty blogger, Audrey Madison Stowe

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  1. Brittany wrote:

    Hi! What color did you get?

    Posted 4.8.18 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      I have the shade #60/8 🙂

      Posted 4.8.18 Reply
  2. Carrie wrote:

    My halo doesn’t fit my head. What do I do?

    Posted 6.8.19 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Oh no!! I would reach out to the company and ask them to send you more wire so you can re-fit it to your head

      Posted 6.10.19 Reply

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