Invisalign Experience

Today I am FINALLY sharing my Invisalign experience with y’all. To give y’all the full back story…. I never had braces growing up. Not sure how I got so lucky to skip the chunky metal in my mouth!? But senior year of high school my four top front teeth were really janky. My parents let me get Invisalign and I spent about a year in them. They completely transformed my teeth and I loved them.

Flash forward to now, years later, I had been looking into getting bonding/veneers for the same top 4 front teeth because I still didn’t love them. I went into Clear Smiles one day and spoke with them and they said they could give me the look I wanted with just Invisalign and that it would be a pretty quick fix. I only had to do about 10 weeks of the aligners so I signed up again to do Invisalign once more.

Before / After:

So I completely forgot to take before pictures of my teeth but below are the computer pictures from my teeth before and after. You can tell it’s a subtle change but WAY better. My two front teeth were so large and much longer than the other teeth. They helped me push those teeth up to get them more in line with the others, and straighten them a bit too.

After your trays are done, they send you to an orthodontist office that works with them (Dr. Doug Crosby) to remove the attachments (included with your experience). They can also shave/polish your teeth if you want. I still felt like my two front teeth were just still off and I spoke with the Dr. Crosby and he nailed it right on the head. He said my two teeth were just really ROUND. He shaved a bit off them and helped square them out. I am IN LOVE with how they look now! Between the Invisalign and that last appointment, I love my teeth again.

Company I used:

I mentioned above, that I used Clear Smiles this second round. I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re in DFW. They have quite a few locations, I went to the one downtown off of Mckinney. They also have a spots in Frisco, Las Colinas, and Plano. AND I have a discount code for y’all! It’s AUDREY250 for $250 off.

Common FAQ’s:

  • Can I have them look at my teeth? Yes! You get a free consult with them your first time!
  • How much is it? So payment ranges but if you’re on a simpler plan, it’s about $2,500 or a more comprehensive plan (if your teeth need more work) for around $3,500. In your consult, they will tell you exact prices and which plan is best for the changes you want to see.
  • Do they offer payment plans? YES! Payments as low as $85-$125 per month. Also, check to see if your insurance may possibly cover some of it.
  • How long do you have to wear the trays? Depends on your teeth and the changes. Sometimes 6 months, sometimes over a year.
  • Does it work? Yes it sure does! I am so happy with my results. You can see above how it worked for me.

Very happy with my experience and like I said, I’ve done Invisalign twice now and it’s worked tremendously on me BOTH times. Huge fan of it! Let me know if you have any other questions I may have missed. Thanks for reading!


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