Amazon Home Items | Part 1

Amazon is quickly becoming a favorite spot of mine to really buy any sort of home decor. You can find some pretty cool things! I wanted to share some newer products I’ve purchased and also some things I’ve had for years that are useful around the house.

Also, check out my youtube video on a haul of some recent Amazon home items I ordered:

Amazon Home Items | Useful home items | Audrey Madison stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Amazon Sheets: These are seriously the best sheets. I like them more than the Target and Crate & Barrel sheets I’ve had. Seriously! They’re breathable, comfy, and you don’t feel bad when the dog sleeps on them haha. We have the white and I bleach them every week since I usually get makeup or spray tan on them and they’ve held up SO. WELL. Comes in a ton of colors as well.

Mason Jars: I get our amazing giant 32oz mason jars in a pack from amazon. I drink water and smoothies out of these daily!

Hamper: We got this off of our registry and it’s incredible quality. It has two areas for darks and whites and each side pops out it you need it too. I love the woven material.

Hotel Pillows: These sell out in a day!! We’ve had ours about 2.5 weeks now and LOVE them. So comfortable! Just like hotel pillows and they sell out FAST.

Candle wick trimmer: Easy and convenient tool to trim the wicks on your candles which helps them burn better and last longer. Plus it looks really cute on your coffee table!

2 in 1 Charging Station: Love this thing! Helps with cord over load and props my phone and apple watch up nicely.

Over the Sink Drying Rack: We’ve had this thing about two years now and it’s incredible for small kitchens / apartments. Really helps with space!

Salad Chopper: Super random but love this thing for getting the perfect chopped salads.

USB lighter: No more plastic lighters that get so annoying to buy! This is efficient, looks good in your home, and is recharged via USB!

Metal straws: I love these!! I also have silicone straws from Amazon but I like my metal straws more. If you’re worried about your teeth, they sell silicone toppers for metal straws too.

Acrylic Sunglasses holder: If you have quite a few sunglasses and are terrible at storing them too, this acrylic holder is so helpful!

SMEG toaster: Super chic retro toaster for your kitchen! Works amazing too.

Simple Modern Tumblers: LOVE these things. I have all different sizes and colors and love them. Just like a Yeti but better priced haha!

Hope y’all enjoyed this! Have an amazing weekend!

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