Winter Makeup Trends 2015

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Photography By: Michael Sergei

What I’m Wearing: Friday Morning Post

Hello Hello! I’m excited about today’s post because I just love talking beauty and makeup.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I used to do youtube videos before I started a blog. I haven’t uploaded on my channel in 5 months, and recently I’ve thought about starting it up again, let me know your thoughts!

But, when I started my youtube channel when I was 15 years old, I began my makeup collection. After 3 years of collecting, I had A LOT of makeup. When I moved to college, I threw more than half of it out just because I knew it was unnecessary to have 105 lipsticks/ lip glosses, 32 foundations, 20 eye palettes, etc. I still kept a lot for sure haha, you get a little glimpse of my makeup collection now in this post.

Winter time is my favorite for makeup because I’m not sweating it off, and I can really exaggerate my look with dark lipsticks, liner, and blush. My favorite look of all time is what I brought to you today. I do a typical foundation, concealer, and powder, routine. Bronze just a little bit, add a mauve blush, some highlight, then go on to the eyes. This winter, purples are a huge thing. Which I adore, because purple really brings out the green in my eyes. I like to blend a deep purple into my crease, then soften it up with a peach color on my lid. Recently, I’ve loved adding green eyeshadow to my lower lash line to spice things up lol. Then go in with some black eye liner, and your favorite mascara and you’re done! I wear this makeup look all the time when I’m going out. It’s simple, easy and not too harsh. I love a deep red or purple lipstick around this time of year, but I’ve been drawn to THIS L’oreal lipstick in Toasted Almond recently because it’s like a dark reddish brown and looks SO good on. I’m linking all of the makeup products used below, and be sure to check out my photographers website because how awesome are these photos? His work always amazes me!!



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  1. karen wrote:

    YES to not sweating off all my makeup! haha… Although, its been like 70′ in Cleveland lately (what???) so cue the sweating again. Anyway, love a red lip (any season, really…) but will check out that Loreal color!
    Karen |

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  2. preeti wrote:

    toasted almond is one of my favorites!! love your picks!!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  3. Your makeup looks flawless! I really love the lipstick you used.

    Hannah Shanae

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  4. Elle Spann wrote:

    have you tried “baking” yet? Kim K ‘s makeup artist does it. I really like it!
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      no I have not! Will have to look into that 🙂

      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  5. I definitely have to switch up my routine in the winter, my skin is so dry! I can’t live without my Beautyblender – it’s the best! And we can never have enough lipsticks 🙂
    xx, Bri ||

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  6. Cara wrote:

    Your skin is flawless! I love the beauty blender.

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  7. This is a lovely post and I do really love your winter trends! You look absolutely gorgeous! xx

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  8. Amanda wrote:

    Your make-up is flawless and your brows are on point! I use my beauty blender all the time!

    Amanda ||

    Posted 12.17.15 Reply
  9. Amanda R wrote:

    Such a perfect look for your green in your eyes!! I love it! <3
    Amanda |

    Posted 12.17.15 Reply
  10. Charlene wrote:

    Your makeup is gorgeous!! I love your eye makeup in this post!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

    Posted 12.18.15 Reply

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