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I’ve been talking LOTS of Back To College…. but I’ve totally left out a HUGE topic that is happening for the majority of girls within the next month. RECRUITMENT. I went through recruitment for my first time last summer and this year I get to be on the other end! I still remember exactly how nervous, anxious, and excited I was about recruitment. I seriously planned my outfits months ahead and they stressed me out a little too much than they should’ve.

A ton of my readers are actually either about to be seniors in high school or freshman in college so I thought I would put together a post for those that are still stressing about recruitment outfits like I was.

I’m also collaborating with Southern Belle In Training to showcase both of our recruitment styles/looks. Annaliese is from Maine but lives in North Carolina and just recently graduated from Queens University as an ADPI. So, she’s definitely got a little bit more experience of the whole recruitment process than I do and will be sharing how they did recruitment and looks from the East Coast. She’s so sweet and adorable!!

Last but not least, for people new to my site…. In case you didn’t know, I attend Texas Tech University and I’m a Zeta Tau Alpha. I absolutely love my sorority and so excited for those going through recruitment.. especially if you are at Tech 🙂 Also, be sure to checkout my sorority recruitment post from last year that I did about the exact outfits I wore during my own recruitment.

Recruitment 2016

Period I: Open House

Yayyy!! First day of recruitment and let me tell y’all. It’s nerve wrecking. It’s chaos. It’s FUN. Most likely, you won’t know anyone and you’re thrown into this day with a random group of girls. Take the opportunity to meet girls in your group… it will make for a better day! I met some really great friends during rush week! This day, they usually will have you wear APPROPRIATE shorts (sorry y’all… gonna have to throw those frayed denim booty shorts out for this day) and usually your University’s t-shirt (may vary for each school). I 100% recommend the J.Crew Chino shorts. I picked up a couple of these and they’re classy, appropriate, and have every color. This day is also the longest because you get to go to ALL houses.

Period II: Philanthropy & Community Service Day

Chances are, you were cut from a few or maybe a lot of sororities. I believe I was cut from 3 this day and one I actually really liked and got so discouraged for the rest of the week. DON’T do that lol. Whoever cuts you honestly, is just making your decision easier and knew that you probably wouldn’t like or feel comfortable in their house by the end. This day is great because you get to learn about all the fun, productive things that sororities participate in and volunteer for. It’s not all about the looks and the house, definitely pay attention to this day to see what house has a philanthropy you’re actually passionate about. This was the day I actually really really loved Zeta. Our philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness, which is so close to my heart and I knew I would actually love to participate in philanthropy events because of this. The attire is a cute sundress with wedges or sandals. I always went for the heel each day because a little heel always makes me feel more confident.

Period III: Values & Sisterhood Day

This is such a great day because you’re down to 3-4 houses I believe (I may be wrong, don’t have the best memory haha). You usually have your top two in mind and get to go back to each house and hear about their values and sisterhood events. If I can recommend anything, take a moment each time your in the house and look around. See if you actually see yourself fitting in here with the girls. Don’t just look at who is rushing you or the girls already in the house, look at the girls you walked in with and see if they look like your kinda people because chances are majority of them are going to be in your pledge class and you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. This day was ‘church’ style with heels/wedges. I chose dressy wedges because they’re a lot more comfortable. J.Crew has amazing church dresses that are fitting and appropriate.

Preference: “Pref Night”

Eeeeek. The night you most likely know!! I knew after visiting my two houses this day that I wanted to be a Zeta. Their Pref night was incredible and the girl who rushed me actually rushed me my second day in their house and I loved her so much she actually got me off the bid day bus AND became my big 🙂 This night is supposed to be exciting and your heart should lead you in the right direction! It’s a lot more intimate and the dress code is typically cocktail attire with heels. At Tech, it doesn’t have to be a black dress but MOST girls wear black. I did! I’ll actually be sharing a full “Pref Night” inspired post this Monday!

Bid Day!

The best day ever!!!!!! You usually wear shorts and a top and then whenever you get off the bus at your new home they give you a t-shirt to wear! Hands down one of the greatest days ever. I got my big this day, met my absolute BEST friends this day, and became apart of an amazing sorority. Everything happens for a reason and God definitely already knows which house he wants you in, so don’t stress about it 🙂 I wish I would’ve prayed more and worried less that week because the lord put me in the house that was meant for me, regardless!

Hope this post helps some of you ladies out and don’t forget to checkout Southern Belle In Training for inspo and my post from last year showcasing the exact outfit I personally wore.


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  1. Sally wrote:

    Love this post! Great picks! Recruitment is so tiring- good luck this year!

    Sweetly, Sally //

    Posted 8.11.16 Reply
  2. Annaliese wrote:

    Love what you selected!! I can’t wait to read all about your first year of being on the other side of recruitment- I know you will rock it! Loved getting to do this fun collage collab with you! <3

    xoxo A

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply

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