2020 Sorority Recruitment Tips & Outfits

Sorority recruitment is around this corner! First, I wanna preface this post by saying my heart seriously goes out to all you girls starting college this Fall. I know the world is in a weird place and that some of the joys of Freshman year are taken away from y’all. Normal recruitment, dorms, classes, etc. I cannot imagine and my heart breaks for you gals. The only little piece of advice I have is to just find the good in anything you can and be super grateful to be able to go to college. You’re still going to have an amazing recruitment and college experience I promise!

NOW… recruitment!! I was a Zeta Tau Alpha at Texas Tech and sorority is one of my favorite memories from college. I think the best thing that came out of it was the friendships I made. I lived with girls in my sorority all throughout college and most of my bridesmaids were sisters. It’s such a sweet time!

Check out last years sorority recruitment guide post.

In the post above, I shared all of my tips, what to bring, wear, etc. I wanted to create another post this year with some tips based on how things are different this year and what to wear to the days you will get to go in house!

From what I’ve been told, different schools are doing different things this year. The majority of what I’ve heard though is that: There are virtual rounds the beginning half of the week (15-25 min rounds) and that sisterhood and pref night will be in person. But all girls have the choice to participate virtually all week as well. I’ve also heard that only pref night will be in person for some schools, etc. Based on this info, I wanted to share some outfits for sisterhood & pref night if you will be participating in those events in-person.

Sisterhood Night:

Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas 2020 | Audrey Madison Stowe

Dress | Clutch | Necklace | Heels

Sisterhood is typically more of a sundress / church look. I highly recommend creating outfits that represent YOU. If you’re more loud, hyper, super fun, go with a fun & colorful look that feels normal to you. If you’re more quiet and girly, opt for a neutral and soft color palette. That’s what I would do personally! The outfit above is an example outfit of what I’d personally wear. Check out some dresses below this for sisterhood night:

Pref Night:

Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas 2020 | Audrey Madison Stowe

Dress | Clutch | Hoops | Choker | Heels

Ahhh Pref night. The night you make your choice and get to have a long convo with the house! I loved this night. The theme is typically cocktail. I always recommend a really chic sultry look. Maybe red is more your style or navy. I’d personally go with black and the above outfit is what I’d wear. Make it trendy with a choker and straw bag but classic with the hoops. Check out the dresses below for more options:

A few last minute tips:

  • Judge hard on the houses and pick what feels right!

Take it from someone who lived the majority of my high-school life as someone changing myself and altering my personality just to fit in with the groups I thought was “cool.” It’s not worth it! When I went to college I made a pact with myself that I would be me and not choose a sorority based on “cool” factor. I think with the beginning days being virtual, this really plays in the PNM’s favor. Choose wisely! This is a house you’ll be with the next four years of your life.

  • PRACTICE small talk.

If you’re not a good small-talker / conversation starter. Girl, start practicing now! Not only is is beneficial during the recruitment process but it’s also just a good LIFE characteristic to have. Have your parents help you and always have a list of 10 back-up questions in your head, ready to ask if the conversation slows down.

  • Don’t think too hard about it.

You may be “dropped” from a house you thought you really loved, or got a really awkward girl in house that you just didn’t like. Don’t overthink! While sorority feels like the end all be all, I swear you’ll be like my in 5 years and think “wow how silly!!” lol. I loved sorority but it really is just a social thing in college and does NOT define your worth. Things will fall into place whether you end up with the house you wanted, your second choice, or no house at all.

I hope this helps with your sorority recruitment experience! You got this!! XO!


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