Full Guide To Sorority Recruitment: Outfits, What to expect, Tips

Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment | Outfits, What to Expect, tips etc.  - | Texas Tech | College | Audrey Madison Stowe a life and style blogger - Full Guide To Sorority Recruitment: Outfits, What to expect, Tips by popular Texas lifestyle blogger Audrey Madison Stowe It’s about that time! Recruitment is right around the corner for all sorority girls.  As some of you may know, my sister is going to be an incoming college freshman and will be rushing. I sat down and asked what questions she had, asked my friends what questions they had going through, and of course took all the questions I’ve been asked through emails and IG and pulled everything together to give you girls a full guide.

Sorority Recruitment Outfits

Whether you’re splurging or saving when it comes to your outfits, find pieces that are different and represent YOU. Also, be classy. I know shorts are typically what you wear the first day. I wore J.Crew Chino shorts and that’s what I recommend. If you’re on a budget, Old Navy has almost the exact same style with a bunch of colors for $10 right now!!!!!!

Period 1: School T-shirt & Shorts

Period 2: Sundress & Flats/Wedges

Period 3: Church Attire & Heels

Pref: Cocktail Attire & Heels

Bid Day/Night: Any shorts you feel most comfortable in and then you’ll receive your new home’s bid day shirt! This day is the BEST.

Sorority Recruitment – What To Expect

I was scared for rush when I was a freshman. I freaked out that the girls wouldn’t get to really know me since I’m pretty shy. Little did I know, that inside the house girls are just as nervous. Every sorority wants a good pledge class and they stress just as much inside on making everything perfect and making their sorority the one you want to pick.

It’s not all makeup and hair after bid day. Throughout rush I remember girls saying “That house has soooo many pretty girls, wow I don’t fit in.” “They have all blondes.” “I just left a house with a really awkward convo with this girl.” If you have ONE bad experience it may just be that one girl out of 200+. If you see all blondes and get intimidated by the spray tans and full face of makeup and think you can’t fit in, that’s just that week. If you talk to nice girls that you relate too, you most likely will find your friends there. Sorority’s are going to put their “prettiest” in the front or the girls with the bigger smiles. Rush week is honestly all about looks and materialistic things. It’s sad but it does make it fun. That doesn’t mean that after bid day, it stays the same. You meet the girls, you realize they’re much more and you find your best friends.

Let’s talk about getting cut. This is something I WELL prepared my sister for because unfortunately she isn’t going to have the same equal experience as some girls most likely. When I came in, it was fair game for all sororities because I wasn’t a legacy and I didn’t know anyone in any. My sister on the other hand, has an in house sister, which makes most sororities believe she will automatically go Zeta with me. Yes, I wanted her to be a Zeta but I also knew I wouldn’t be upset if she went another house. I wanted her to have an experience at every house and make her own decision. But not every Sorority understands that and I don’t want her to get her feelings hurt if she’s cut from some of her other favorite houses. Y’all shouldn’t either! If you’re a legacy or have an older sister in house, it’s not YOU if you get cut from others. Most just assume. That doesn’t mean this year others may not give you just as equal of a chance though. It changes every year! Despite legacies, if you do get cut and you know maybe it was because you didn’t click with a girl, I promise you’re better off. Most sororities know their personality as a whole and if they don’t see you fitting in, they are doing you a favor. Many girls may make it through a sorority they thought they loved and then take a bid and realize they don’t go so well with it. There’s probably nothing worse than going into a house you don’t click with.

As far as your days during rush. The first is extremely long. I’m sure every University’s rush schedule is a little different but I know ours is LONG and HOT. Be sure to drink a lot of water and be well rested for busy days of talking ahead. I lost my voice during rush because you have to talk loud. Be prepared for the heat and conversations. Be prepared to talk loudly because 100 girls are talking in the same small space. Be prepared for some really amazing, sweet convos, but be prepared for some really awkward, uncomfortable convos. Do your best to be respectful of all and think of filler questions to make time pass if you’re running out of things to say. You do get small breaks at different times in between houses. Some of the days I would have my morning back to back with houses and then some I had to wait two hours to go to the next house. Just be ready to kind of roll with whatever is thrown at you!

Sorority Recruitment – What To Bring

  • blotting sheets
  • sunscreen
  • advil
  • Fan
  • snack

That’s just a few things I could think of. Just remember the days are fast and quick. I believe you can’t bring a bag? I’m not sure on this one but we were able to have a small bag when I went through. Look at your local Panhellenic schedule/guide!

Sorority Recruitment – Conversations

This was my sisters number one question. I also remember this topic making me really nervous when I went through. What are they gonna ask me? Do I need to do research? What do I ask? Do I have to keep the conversation going? So many questions about this and of course you want your conversations to go right to not only impress the house/girl but to also walk away confident that you did your best.

I know for us, and probably most houses, the girls IN HOUSE are supposed to carry the conversation. Of course a girl that comes in and is super talkative and feeds off our initial questions to ask more is definitely helping us… but you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to carry the conversation. You may come across a house where you do though, and the best thing to do is talk about yourself (yes!) and ask questions about their sisterhood, what they like to do, and about the girl you’re talking to. If all else fails, tell her you like her lipstick color or nail polish! 😉

As far as what girls are going to ask you…. on the first day, be prepared for surface questions. What’s your major, do you have pets, what dorm are you in, where are you from… etc. Each day will carry deeper conversations. Sisterhood day they’re gonna ask you what you’re looking for in a sister, what your values are, what kind of friend you are…etc. They want to ask you harder questions because of course they are going to be looking out for their sorority and want someone they trust and love coming in.

I did a little research on each house before coming in. Nothing creepy haha but look at their colors, their philanthropy and what they stand for. It’s good to know so you can ask any questions you have.

Here’s some great “filler” questions you can ask to either keep the conversation going or use for your own preference to get to know the house you’re in more:

  • Do you hangout with your sorority sisters? If so, what do y’all like to do together?
  • Do you live with your sisters? (Important to see if this is a house where girls are really close and are nice enough to live together!)
  • Do you study in the house?
  • What do y’all do as a sorority together? (volunteer, football games, workout classes..etc.)
  • Did you meet your best friends in this house?
  • Do you like animals/ have one?
  • What did you look for in a sorority when you came through/why did you choose your sorority?
  • Are you involved in any other organizations?
  • Why are you at such and such University?
  • Do you find time to work and do school with a sorority?

The list goes on and on but there’s some to start! 🙂

Sorority Recruitment Tips

When searching for your home, it’s good to look at the inside and the girls you’re talking too. BUT… it’s even more important to look around the line you’re in standing outside of the house and listen to the girls saying “I’m going this house” and see if that’s the kind of sister and best friend you want. The girls around you rushing are the ones you will be with the next four years… so pay close attention!

Don’t make up stories. Ohhhh lord. Most girls will see right through a made up story about some experience you may have had with their philanthropy and why it’s so special to you…. If it’s true and hits home, say it. If it’s not, you’re better off listening and saying you definitely are interested in the philanthropy than lying about a story to make yourself seem relatable to it. Be honest & true!

Be your best self + a little more. What I mean by this, is DO NOT be fake. Don’t be the girl that fools someone in house that you love them or you’re this girl that you’re not. When I was rushing girls last year, there was this precious girl that came through that I thought I had clicked with. She even said how much she loved our house and wanted to be a part of it. I walked away obsessed with her and then she cut us. I even ran into her months down the line and she was no where near the girl she had made herself out to be. That’s so sad y’all! If I could tell girls one thing it is to just be yourself. If you want a sorority for the right reasons, you want to find the house that accepts you for you. While I say that, first impressions are everything and with that comes appearances. Be YOU but a little more. That means, maybe add the extra touch of fake lashes, a fun lip color, more blush, and a spray tan. It doesn’t hurt and I love going a little above and beyond with my looks during recruitment. Also, always put your best face forward. Be kind. Smile big. And even if you don’t fit in with that house, at least you can walk away with a good impression.

IF YOU’RE RUSHING AS A SOPHOMORE/JUNIOR: There’s a good handful that go through having a year or two of college under them before deciding to rush a sorority. There are plenty of girls in my pledge class that came in as sophomores when I was a freshman. I got some really great questions on IG from a few girls that are older in college and rushing this month. Y’all are just as equal as the others! It may feel like sorority’s want the freshman babies, but sophomores and older are also some of the best additions to a sorority. Be yourself and you will find your home! The only thing I would say is a little weird/off about rushing as a Sophomore or Junior is that maybe a girl your same grade or younger is rushing you/ deciding if they like you, and then even when you make it into a house you make have a “big” as someone your age or younger. That doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be your best friends! I definitely think you should talk yourself up and brag about your amazing qualities. As long as you’re real and you, girls will love you and you will find your place. You will know when you “vibe” with a girl and it’s your time to talk yourself up, even if you’re coming in a little older than others.

Think of the qualities you want in your sisters/friends. I cannot stress this enough! I’ve witnessed too many girls complain about not fitting into their sorority or people not accepting them. Yes, girls are mean and brutal sometimes, it’s life. But typically your sorority sticks together. When I was rushing, I wanted quality friends. That was first on my list. If a girl asked me what kind of car I drove or what my parents did for a living, lol cut. I want friends who care more than that. I recommend writing a list of everything you are as a person, what qualities in friends you like, and what you want. I knew that I was a girly girl, prefer sweet people, and loved beauty and makeup. Each house is different and has a personality to go with it. I knew one house that had a lot of sarcastic, very funny personality girls. That’s great but that isn’t the kind of personality I know that I vibe with. I’m not a sarcastic or funny person haha, but some girls are and that’s awesome because there’s a house for you! There’s also really shy, quiet, book smart girls and there’s a house for y’all too. There’s a house for everyone and it’s really important to find the one that fits you! Be picky, and know your worth! It’s like dating a guy…. except you’re picking your home/best friends for the next four years. 😉

Okay I think this sorority recruitment post covered it ALL. If y’all have further questions about sorority recruitment, feel free to shoot me an email. I hope this clears a lot up and helps y’all feel a little more comfortable coming into rush. It’s all good girl, the only thing you can do is be yourself and God has the greatest house and friends already picked for you! xx


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  1. Carrie wrote:

    This is so interesting! I never participated in Greek life while in college but had several friends who did. It sounds like so much fun!

    Carrie | https://carrieeliseandkho.com/

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      It’s sooo much fun girl!

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  2. Grace wrote:

    Okay, this makes me want to be back in college and actually join a sorority.

    Grace | miss-graciela.blogspot.com

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Haha! I know I truly don’t know what I would do without it. xx

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  3. alex wrote:

    I wish I had read something like this when I went through recruitment years ago! I was so young and naive. But this is so helpful!

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Oh my gosh I know right! Even going through it a few years ago I still searched for a full post about it.

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  4. Tori wrote:

    Rush was so crazy, it feels like it was just yesterday for me! I can’t believe it’ll be 4 years in a couple of weeks!


    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Oh my gosh!!! That’s crazy!

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  5. Kait wrote:

    oh lord, it has been almost 10 years since I started college! I never joined a sorority, but I had a lot of friends in them! xx

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      That’s awesome girl! I have some amazing friends that didn’t join sororities as well and I’m so thankful for them!

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  6. This would have been helpful yeas ago when I rushed. It would have made me a little less nervous!

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Hoping it definitely helps a few girls coming into college! I searched and searched for a post like this a few years ago when I was rushing

      Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  7. this is so thorough! It really brought me back to when I was rushing! Such a great resource!

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  8. Jenny wrote:

    Such an awesome guide, Audrey! Man, I feel like I was in college just yesterday haha.

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  9. This was a fascinating read and is so informative for someone who’s rushing this year!

    Posted 7.31.17 Reply
  10. This post is so helpful for those girls wanting or thinking about rushing!

    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  11. I’m the membership advisor for my collegiate chapter & we’re gearing up for recruitment next month. This is such a great post & filled with amazing advice! Thanks so much for putting it together & good luck with this year’s recruitment!


    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  12. This process sounds so nervewracking. I’m sure your tips will help a lot of ladies out this year!


    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  13. Sydney wrote:

    Great guide! I am sure it will be helpful to so many of your readers.

    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  14. Melissa wrote:

    A really good guide! We don’t have sororities in Chile, but sounds like a great experience.

    Posted 8.3.17 Reply
  15. Ash wrote:

    What a lovely post! I wish I knew this when I was going to college.

    Posted 8.3.17 Reply
  16. elizabeth wrote:

    This is so real haha I remember going through recruitment and being stressed AF. love this guide and wish I had something similar before I rushed!

    Posted 8.8.17 Reply
  17. Vianka wrote:

    Hi Audrey,
    Loved reading your post about sorority recruitment. I am actually rushing this upcoming fall as a junior. Really nervous about being an upperclassmen rushing. I have friends in some sororities at my university that are encouraging me to rush and join them in Greek life. I am really glad that I found your post because reading it made me have more confidence in rushing. Can you possibly do a post (if you have, sorry! ) about how to get recommendation letters? My friends are pushing me to get some recommendation letters to help since I will be a junior rushing. Really great post! You have an amazing blog and seem like a great person through your writing! I hope to find (future) sisters like you!

    Posted 3.6.19 Reply
    • Audrey wrote:

      Hi Vianka! Ahhh thanks so much for reaching out girl. First of all, you’re gonna ROCK recruitment!! Don’t let being a junior get you down. Any sorority will be so lucky to have you. We always loved the older girls during recruitment and the sororities will try to pair you with a junior and senior as well when you go in to make you more comfortable. I will most definitely make another post about recruitment this June probably and share about rec letters. If you need to know before, feel free to shoot me an email and I can also tell you how to get them. Thank you so much girlfriend!

      Posted 3.7.19 Reply

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