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Goodmorning!!! Today I wanted to share a look into my personal morning routine. This is typically my morning on most days. Now some look a little more like waking up 30 mins before class, throwing on clothes, and running to the bus that takes me to campus. But I try not to have to many of those mornings!!!

When I don’t stay up crazy late at night I try to wake up around 9am every day. I start class at 11 am so that gives me about an hour and a half before I have to go jump on the bus. I’ve recently changed this to have my mornings start at 8am though, so will let y’all know how that goes haha!


Wake up!!! I will sometimes make my bed and typically go outside of my room into the living room to get my kitten. One of my roommates and I rescued two baby kittens about a month ago. The one in these photos is actually Elizabeth Taylor which is my roommates kitten haha! IDK where mine was during this….. but she’s the cutest, sweetest thing! She’s black and white and her name is Coco. She is usually so snuggly!AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog9:15 am

From there, I like to light a candle just to get my room smelling good and get me going! Then I head into our kitchen to make a cup of coffee. I go back and forth between the Keuring coffee and my Nespresso!

On some mornings, my roommates and I have mornings together and we will all chat and cuddle with our kittens.AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog9:30 am

I like to head into my bathroom to wash my face and do my skincare routine. After that, I’m addicted to whitening my teeth every other morning with my Smile Brilliant kit. This kit is a professional whitening kit that you can do from home! It’s so easy, you just take impressions of your teeth and they send you little trays to put the whitening gel on them when you want and put them on your teeth! I’ve seen a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth over time and it’s such an easy at-home kit that allows you to get the professional whitening look but save you time and money! #yesplease.

They send you whitening gel and you can add on desensitizing gel which is awesome if you have teeth like me that get so sensitive easily. Click here to read more about tooth sensitivity!

Before And After: (feat. my cutie sister!!)

before and after

AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog9:45 am

I like to let my trays sit on my teeth about 25 mins so during that time I head over to my little happy place!! My office area is my favorite part of my room and my little creative blog corner. I’ll sit during this time and answer blog emails, share my posts for that day, or read my other favorite blogs. I don’t actually drink my coffee while I have my trays in haha! (Room Tour coming soon!)AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog10:10 am

After that’s over, I head into my bathroom to take my trays out and get ready super fast. I usually go to class with no makeup and my hair usually in a pony but if I do feel like getting ready this is the time I take. But most of the time I just go back to my computer to finish work and then change out of my cute Pj’s (that I never want to take off) and run out the door by 10:30 ish.

I really love having at least an hour in the morning to enjoy my own quiet time and get my thoughts and schedule together before the day.

Be sure to check out PJ Salvage for the comfiest lounge wear and Smile Brilliant for those pearly white teeth!AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog

AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog AMS Morning Routine | AMS Blog

^^ Smile Brilliant Kit! Comes with Impressions to send back to them then you get your trays with whitening gel and desensitizing gel (you can add on). You can also watch this video about how to properly whiten your teeth!

I love sharing different coupon codes or giving away items to y’all! And I’m collaborating with Smile Brilliant to giveaway a free home whitening kit. Just enter the giveaway here!!

One winner will receive $139.95 credit
o    1 tray creation kit + 6 gel syringes of their choice (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening)
o   Just Enter name and email on giveaway link
OR You can get 5% off your order with code: audreymadstowe

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