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Winter Skincare Favorites | AMS Blog

Hi beauties! So excited to talk skincare with y’all today. I’m a product junkie and loooveee finding new skincare products each season that work with my skin. In the winter, I typically get very dry, irritated skin so my number one priority is moisturizers and finding products that put that dewy moisture back into my face. I just wanted to quickly share some products. These are great if you get dry skin in the winter, have sensitive, irritated skin or rosacea, OR if you have a normal skin type. Alright, let’s get started!


I recently started using serums about 6 months ago and love the ones I use. I use the Vichy Serum day/night, I use the OSEA Brightening Serum at night to lighten my acne scars and dark spots up and even out my skin. Then, I use the Vichy under eye serum to rejuvenate my under eyes. I find that these serums do a great job at evening my skin out and tightening up my face.


In the winter, I get very dry, irritated skin. I also have very sensitive skin that gets red very easily. This Skinceuticals mask is for redness and calms my skin down and has reduced the redness I get each day or night. It’s soo relaxing and calming on my skin and hydrates my face as well!


With my skin being extremely dry, I LOVE moisturizers in the winter. I’m always on the hunt for ones that can minimize my dry patches and irritated’ness. I use the Vichy moisturizer during the day, as it’s light and absorbs into the skin really nicely. I use the La Mer creme at night as it’s extremely heavy and saturated. I like to warm it up in my fingers then moisturize into my skin. These two moisturizers leave my skin so glowy and I haven’t experienced ANY dryness this winter so far.

Face Wash:

I love love love my OSEA cleansing milk. It’s vegan and perfect for sensitive skin.


Oils are the best! If you don’t use an oil on your skin, you’re missing out. I use my Dermalogica oil mixed in with my foundation to give my skin a radiant look throughout the day. Then, I use my Aveda radiant oleation oil at night mixed in with my moisturizer to let it soak into my skin at night.

As you can see, I’m crazy for that glowy look and all of these products have truly helped my achieve that look this winter. It’s so nice to wake up with refreshed skin and no dry patches. Let me know if y’all have any questions about these products or any other skincare. My email is on the about page 🙂

Winter Skincare | AMS BlogWinter Skincare | AMS Blog

Winter Skincare | AMS Blog

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