#AMSCurrently October | Current Favorites #2

 The Happy Planner | #AMSCurrently October | Current Favorites #2 featured by top Texas fashion blog Audrey Madison Stowe

Hi gals! Happy FRIDAY!!! We made it to the weekend. This week was so great. I don’t really even know why but I just loved this week. Mainly because I started back and OrangeTheory and also got my nails done haha. My parents are coming to town today and spending the weekend with Josh, my sis, and I. I can’t wait to have them here. I never get enough time with them anymore!

Since October began this week (eek… can’t believe it!) I had to do my monthly current favorites. I started this last month and shared how I got the idea from my Happy Planner. Well, I’m back to share what this months current favorites and activities are (plus my quote of the month!).

 The Happy Planner | #AMSCurrently October | Current Favorites #2 featured by top Texas fashion blog Audrey Madison Stowe

Current Favorites October 2018:

Reading: Awaken. This is a devotional I purchased not too long ago… It goes by days and is really awesome to share scripture as well as life examples. I’m only on day twenty as I don’t do this on the weekends but I really love it.

Planning: Fitness goals. I’m determined to get a little weight off and make some goals for different body parts. More to come on this soon!

Watching: Gossip girl LOL. This is like my 6th time to re-watch it??? Whenever I finish a show, I usually watch gossip girl just for fun while I figure out what I want to watch next. Josh and I are also still watching Parenthood and it’s amazing.

Cooking: Lemon Blueberry Muffins…..yum. I shared these on IG stories on Monday and so many DM’s for the recipe. These are super healthy (no added sugar!) and the lemon hint in them is perfect.

Eating: Soups! I’ve been on a soup kick lately and it’s probably just the beginning. I drank chicken noodle soup all last week while I was sick and Wednesday I made a homemade potato soup in the crock pot…. it was delish!

Pinning: Fall outfits. Getting so inspired on Pinterest for cute layered fall looks.

Loving: Fall home decor. Since I have my own place I just can’t stop re-decorating things. I’ve truly become my mother haha! I’m loving pinterest and different home accounts on Instagram.

Feeling: Festive&fun!!! I’m all into the fall spirit and I shared in Wednesday’s post that I’ve been a fun friend lately and have been going out SO much more. My introverted self is freaking out while my mind is loving it.

Listening: Travis Scott and Drake mostly. Basically all rap!

Celebrating: One of my besties birthday’s is this month! Can’t wait to celebrate her. We are all dressing up for halloween for her birthday so I’ve really gotta figure out a costume haha. HELP!

Y’all can also see under ‘Priorities’ I also wrote down some things I need to do this month. I’ve GOT to clean out my closet again (why is it a never ending hole??), I need to finally shoot my office for the blog to show y’all how I decorated it, I need to find a halloween costume….. drawing a major blank on this, and I need to get prepared for OTF Hell Week…. I signed up for 5 straight days… uh oh. Hell week is the end of October and just basically a challenge to do the workouts at least 5 days! Also, this month from October 1st – 14th, if you want to try it out, non-members can get 2 free classes.

October is always a really fun month…. plus it’s like the month of calm before holiday CRAZINESS haha.

 The Happy Planner | #AMSCurrently October | Current Favorites #2 featured by top Texas fashion blog Audrey Madison Stowe


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