I’m Doing A No Spend Month!

No shopping in Jan 2019 | I'm Doing A No Spend Month featured by top Texas fashion blogger Audrey Madison StoweShop this look here

Hey friends!!! Popping in today to share a fun challenge I’m doing this month and want to challenge y’all to do it too! After all the holiday shopping madness, I figured what better way to start the New Year than with NO shopping, a little saving, and re-wearing all of the wonderful clothes we have with a no spend month.

No Spend Month:

I put together a budget sheet which you will see below, I also created a blank one so you can download and fill out yourself as well if you want to do it with me!!!

Basically, this month, outside of the life NECESSITIES, I will not be shopping. No random buys at Target, no grabbing Chick Fil A for lunch, no nothing!!!! I’ll explain more details below but this challenge is going to help me put a little extra money back this month and also will get me to start using products and re-wearing a ton of different clothes that I already have.

I’m doing a series on the blog this month, specifically every Monday, called Back to Basics. I’ll be re-wearing pieces, sharing how to style one item different ways, and just basic outfits in general that you can easily style from your own closet. I’m really excited about this!! As a blogger and a consumer, it’s easy to just buy and buy, I often forget about the really nice staple pieces in my closet.

So here’s the gist. I laid out my monthly expenses that are non-negotiable. The only thing I didn’t share was our rent because that’s personal. On the PDF, I shared some of my own budgets and goals. I set aside $15 for a couple of coffee meetings I have in the month so I can buy a coffee for myself and sit there. I also budgeted EXTRA gas in because Josh and I do have a weekend trip booked in January. This does put a small bump in my no spend month since we will be eating out and doing things for the blog that require some spending BUT I am keeping it to the absolute minimum and I will not be shopping for the trip!!

Budget | No shopping in Jan 2019 | I'm Doing A No Spend Month featured by top Texas fashion blogger Audrey Madison Stowe

What you can buy:

  • Groceries
  • Toiletries: deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, etc.
  • Health Items: medications, vitamins, any NECESSARY health items
  • Gifts for other: For example, friends birthdays only
  • Gas

What you cannot buy:

  • Clothes
  • Books/magazines: (unless you’re a student and need text books)
  • Home Décor
  • Electronics
  • Beauty items
  • Anything NOT necessary

I recommend going over your month, laying out the minimum/necessary spending, anything extra like birthdays or trips you’ve already planned, and then make your budget. Don’t starve or neglect friends for this but this is to help start the New Year on a good money note. Sometimes laying out EXACTLY what you will spend in the month and making it a goal not to go over helps stick to it. Also, following bloggers helps to see what they’re styling and how you can style your own pieces different ways. Been getting SO much inspo and different ideas personally from the cutest Hello Thalita. Her style is amazing and love her blog! Check her out for style and life inspo.


I’m a little nervous but excited to take on this challenge and hope y’all do it with me!

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  1. This is so fabulous girlfriend!!! I wish I had the self control, but I do not.

    Posted 1.4.19 Reply

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