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Spring Items in my Cart | Spring 2020 Trending Items | audrey madison stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Spring is one of my FAVORITE seasons. I love Spring colors, the weather, how it stays light out for longer, and everything about it.

I also tend to spend quite a lot of money in the Spring because outfits are my favorite to buy this time of year haha. Rounding up some items that are in my cart this Spring season today.

Spring Items In My Cart: Trending

1. Crochet cover up: A little expensive for a coverup but this is just too cute for Spring and Summer vacations.

2. Tie Dye Set: I’ve had my eyes on this set in Target. May be purchasing soon! Tie Dye is HUGE this year and I keep seeing it everywhere.

3. Neutral bodysuit: Stocking up on the bodysuits….. so easy to wear with denim shorts or skirts this Spring.

4. Clear Sandals: VERY into the clear sandal trend. Seriously purchasing these right now.

5. Ruffle Shorts: These look SO comfy. How cute to lounge in or to wear over a swimsuit!?

6. Zebra Neutral Swimmie: This swimsuit is so chic. I love the one shoulder look and the neutral zebra print. Plus, high waisted bottoms are THE BEST.

7. Abercrombie Shorts: We’ve got to talk about these shorts. I LOVE THEM. I purchased my first pair of Abercrombie shorts last summer and they were the only denim shorts I wore. Seriously!! Will be purchasing these in a lighter color for this Summer!

8. Scarf Top: The scarf tops are a MAJOR trend I’m dying to try. Definitely more of a scandalous top option but I think it’s perfect in the Texas heat.

9. Sunglasses chain: Keep seeing the sunglass chain coming back! Do you like it? I kinda love it!

10. White Denim: Like I said, Abercrombie denim is my favorite right now. Re-stocking my white jeans with these!

11. Sun Hat: I am IN LOVE with this hat. I think the ribbon around it is so chic…. definitely ordering for some of my beach trips!

12. Fanny Pack: This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I personally think it rocks. Especially when you’re on vacation or in a city. I think the Louis Vuitton Bumbag is AMAZING but I would never spend my money on something that expensive and so trendy. I think this one is super cute and let’s you take part in the trend without spending a bunch.

13. Maxi Dress: I bought a similar style last summer in a floral print and wore it all the time! Can’t go wrong with this- and you will get so many wears out of it throughout Spring/summer. Comfy & stretchy too!

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