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Hello Wedding Wednesday! Thanks for checking out the blog today. I wanted to share Josh’s tux and his groomsmen tuxes today with y’all.

The guys looked SUPER sleek and perfect for our formal, romantic evening. We went through The Black Tux which, if you haven’t heard of them, YOU MUST. They are so cool and I love their story.

^^^ how handsome!?

The Black Tux is a suit/tux rental service and it made our life SO easy. We actually live really close to the showroom here in Dallas which made it easy for us to go check out what Josh liked for himself and the guys. Basically you can go in store or enter your measurements online and rent a tux for the wedding your attending (of course if the groom goes through The Blk tux!) Josh was able to pick out what he wanted to wear and have the guys wear and look at all the options and fabrics. It was shipped to our door and all the guys too right before the wedding.

We even rented my dads tux through them as well! Loved how Josh could pick out basically every detail he wanted including suspenders, the bowties, cufflinks, all of it. After the wedding, the guys put everything back into the boxes and shipped it back! They didn’t have to clean them or anything.

Other factors I loved about The Black Tux:

  • Lots of opportunities to try on tuxes including showrooms, in Nordstrom, and you can book at-home try ons.
  • Delivered to door so I didn’t have to worry about picking it up
  • Easily shipped back or returned to the showroom
  • Lots of fit options (Josh really wanted a more slimming fit)

If you think about how many weddings you may be attending, and how expensive that gets for groomsmen, think about a tux rental! I hope all of our friends pick a rental service for groomsmen tuxes in the future haha- it made life so easy.

Thanks for reading!

Photography by: Laylee Emadi


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