Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To

Happy Wednesday, girlfriend! Today I wanted to share a list of the podcasts I listen to. I listen to a podcast M-F and absolutely love them. You’ll see below but I really enjoy health and self-motivational podcasts. I haven’t tried a murder/crime podcast yet but know people love those too… maybe one day haha!

Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To | Summer Podcasts | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Health / Self-Improvement Podcasts:

I shared in this post how I like to surround myself with healthy, influential people to encourage myself to be more healthy. I think the health category is my favorite to listen to via podcast because I love hearing people talk about it.

  • The Skinny Confidential Him & Her: This is the VERY first podcast I ever listened to about two years ago. I remain loyal to it, to this day! Lauryn (a blogger) and her husband host this podcast and bring different people on each episode to talk all sorts of categories. There are episodes on skin, food, how to stop caring what others think, helpful business tip podcasts, and they also bring on just a ton of influential, power-house people. Every episode is different and this is truly my favorite podcast ever… I religiously listen to every.single.episode.
  • The Ed Mylett Show: I actually learned of Ed Mylett through the Skinny Confidential podcast and instantly followed him on social media and started listening to his podcast. His podcast also features a variety of guests but I love his motivational and entrepreneurship episodes. I listed to every few episodes (depending on the title) he puts out and they are always incredible.
  • The Health Code: The hosts of this podcast are Sarah’s Day and her fiancè, Kurt. I am probably one of their biggest fans lol! They are an Aussie couple and I have watched Sarah on Youtube for YEARS. Since 2015 or 2016 haha. They launched their own podcast last year and while the episodes are not consistent (sometimes they don’t upload for a month), I absolutely LIVE for their podcast. It’s funny, cute, and they share all things health and healthy lifestyle.
Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To | Summer Podcasts | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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Pop Culture Podcasts:

These podcasts have episodes every other day or every day so I never listen to every episode. However, here’s the two I keep up with and love to turn on for a mindless listen during my walk or drive to Plano…. it gives me my daily knowledge of what’s going on in the pop culture world haha.

  • The Morning Toast: A daily podcast where the two hosts, Claudia and Jackie, share all things celebrities, page six, and trending gossip. Sometimes they annoy me not gonna lie but this is my GO-TO podcast for a mindless listen. I love when they recap the reality shows I watch too!
  • The Bitch Bible: I go back and forth with this podcast but it’s been on my list that I listen to for about a year so it deserves a mention. Jackie Schimmel is hilarious to me and I love her unapologetic personality. I don’t keep up with her episodes weekly (I listen to one or two every couple of weeks) but every time she just cracks me up and I also love listening to her thoughts/opinions on what pop culture drama is happening.

Other Pods:

These two just didn’t belong in the categories above so combining them into this “other” category.

  • Pod Save The People: I learned of this podcast beginning of June. It’s a really great social justice podcast to educate yourself on what’s happening with the news, world, and politics etc. There are new episodes every Tuesday and each one teaches me something new. Highly recommend!
  • Call Her Daddy: Ahhhhh…. how many of you are judging me for this mention!? HA! I listened to this podcast about a year ago but forgot about it… started RE-listening after all the drama broke out between Alex and Sofia. Now I consider myself apart of the daddy gang now LOL. For those that have no clue what this podcast is, it is basically a raunchy, sex and relationship podcast by two (now just one) single twenty-something girls. It makes me cringe sometimes but I also LIVE for this podcast. It’s hilarious, and while Alex is a complete different person than I am, I love her tips lol!! I gotta keep my marriage spicy ok!?? Haha.

Hope y’all enjoyed this and maybe got a few new podcast recs. xo!

Podcasts I'm Currently Listening To | Summer Podcasts | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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