Top 4 Pairs of Denim Shorts I’m Currently Loving

Top 4 Pairs of Denim Shorts I'm Currently Loving | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

With Summer almost here, I have been grabbing my denim shorts nonstop. I like to always try out a few new pairs of denim each summer, but today I figured I would share four pairs that I really love in case you are on the hunt.

I picked out four pairs that all have a different fit. FYI, I have larger, gymnast thighs so finding a good pair of denim shorts that don’t squeeze my thighs but still fit my waist are a CHALLENGE. Here’s a few pairs I like:

A.n.a High Rise Shorts:

These denim shorts are the most “length-appropriate” denim shorts that I have haha. Meaning, these are longer, a little looser fit, and extremely comfortable. Love wearing these with oversized tees and for more casual days.

Abercrombie High Rise:

I’ve had these high rise shorts for over a year now and LOVE THEM. They were the first Abercrombie shorts I had purchased and now I’m hooked on their denim. So comfy and buttery. I love the fit of these and they cover my butt perfectly.

Abercrombie High Rise Mom Short:

These are my newest pair and of course, LOVE THEM. I like the lighter wash of these for summer. They’re another pair from Abercrombie but a different line than above. I would size up one for a little more room/looser fit.

Levi’s 501 Short:

I have two pairs of these 501 shorts now! A dark & light wash. These shorts are more boxy but they make your but look SO good and fit my thighs extremely well.


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