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Consistency & How To Create A Content Calendar | Blogging 101 | Audrey Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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Welcome to this weeks blogging 101 post! Typically after I share a couple of tips when girls message me about starting a blog, the second question is always “how do you come up with ideas, blog posts, etc so frequently?”

So today, I wanted to share how I do it and how I create my content calendars. P.S. You can use these techniques for really ANY business. It’s not just instagram influencers/ bloggers that this works for.

Wanting to grow a following? Gain a readership? Get sales? Consistency my friends! It’s annoying to hear and is hard work but it’s truly the biggest thing that works. If you’re launching a blog or posting outfits to IG….. BE.CONSISTENT. Create a schedule. You can’t post on Monday at 10am and then again Thursday at 9pm. People like to know when to see your content and if it’s something they can rely on. Here’s my typical schedule:

  • MWF: Blog posts everyday. Sometimes I skip a Monday if I don’t have anything to share, but for the most part, I stick to this so people always know to check my blog on those days.
  • MTWTHF & Sun: IG POSTS! I post except sometimes I take Saturday’s off. I typically post between 9-10am and 7-8pm CST.
  • Thursday: Youtube video & try-on to stories.
  • IG Stories: all throughout the day!
  • Sundays: Newsletter goes out.

I do this full time, so this is A LOT of content. If you’re starting out, I would make it a goal to post to IG once a day, stories a couple times a day, and then a blog post 1-2x a week. Once you get the hang of that, you can add more if you want!

Having a content calendar each month really helps dump all ideas into one spot, and helps you turn to a calendar to know what you need to be shooting/writing/posting on time. I try to have content a week out. So, I have next weeks content already shot and done because I stay a week ahead so that I don’t “run out” of content.

Set up a google calendar, or if you prefer paper, a paper agenda/desk calendar works great too. I have mine on google calendar, and color coordinate EVERYTHING. For example, blog posts are pink, instagram posts are purple, youtube videos are green, and stories are blue. At the beginning of each month, I sit down with the full month ahead, and start writing in all of the ideas I have.

Once I’ve added 3 blog posts a week, IG post ideas for everyday, etc to the calendar, I look and see if I need to add to any days. If I’m out of ideas, I turn to Pinterest to see what’s trending/ in style for the month and I create more post ideas off of that. I will also look up national holidays and plan posts around those to fill up my calendar.

After the calendar is filled, I start shooting for the week ahead and/or next week to start staying on top of things. If I wake up and think “what do I need to do today?” I go straight to my calendar to see what needs to be shot, shared, or done for the day and it helps A BUNCH with productivity and consistency.

Consistency isn’t always easy when starting out and can take awhile to nail down. It actually took me two years of blogging very UN-CONSISTENTLY to realize that I needed to stick to a calendar, and that’s when I started really growing. Give yourself grace and don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can just commit to a couple things each week starting out and share with people to check back on those days, you will see amazing results!

Hope this helps, y’all! Best of luck and happy creating and working on that content calendar!! xo

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