Blogging 101: Ways To Make Money

Ways To Make Money as A Blogger | Blogging 101 | Audrey Madison Stowe

Now we are getting down to business! Be sure to check out my previous blogging posts about HOW to start, and gain a following. Those are the first steps. Once you have a little momentum going, you’re posting consistently, here are some ways to start monetizing your content so you can start getting brand collaborations and make money.

Affiliate income:

Affiliate income is great and can become a full time income itself depending on your audience. This is often when you use “links” through an affiliate website to link items you are sharing. If a retailer is apart of that company and people buy through your link, you make commission off of it. Here are some great affiliate income websites. I personally use Rewardstyle!

Sponsored collaborations:

Sponsored collabs are amazing to get paid sharing and posting an item you love. A lot of brands will post campaigns on networks, or go through a PR company. You can charge “rates” to get paid for posting. Check out social blue book for a rate estimate depending on your following and engagement. This is where I make the majority of my income! I value brand partnerships because not only do I get to form relationships with brands, people, etc. but it allows me to discover new items to share with my audience. Tips:

  • Reach out to brands or make sure you have an email in your bio so they can reach out to you.
  • Join networks and apply to sponsored campaigns

List of networks:

Sign up for these and start checking their dashboards/getting emails!

Event Attendance

Event attendance is great too. If a brand or company reaches out about you coming to their store or hosting something, you can charge for that!

SELLING something

You can also utilize your platform to sell something! To name a few:

  • Presets
  • An ebook
  • A product
  • Clothes on Poshmark

Hope this helps as far as getting starting making a little money!!

Ways To Make Money as A Blogger | Blogging 101 | Audrey Madison Stowe

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  1. Kathrine wrote:

    Thank you for being so honest! It means a lot to us that you get rewarded for the awesome content you create. On that note, I am surprised you don’t use Travelapyouts for affiliate income since you do have some travel posts.

    I have tried Travelpayouts myself and can vouch that they are legit. Their commissions are also good, but their cookie lifetime is amazing – it’s 30 days. You might want to check them out for your next travel post.

    Posted 10.9.20 Reply