Reasons Why CBD Is Awesome | CBD 101

Finally getting around to this post!! A CBD questions pops up in my DM’s multiple times a week so figured it was time to brain dump all of my thoughts here as well as the current company I’m using.

Reasons Why CBD Is Awesome | CBD 101

I’ve been taking CBD for about 2 or 2.5 years now. I personally use it for my day-to-day anxiety. I have my own personal story/struggle with mental health that started the semester I was graduating from college. I tried out CBD and have used it since. It does NOT “fix” anxiety or other issues. However, I personally use this to help calm myself down whenever I’m having a high stress day or heading somewhere social where my anxiety tends to flare up. I mainly use the CBD oil drops and drop underneath my tongue throughout the day as needed.

CBD 101 FAQ:

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and comes directly from a hemp plant (the cousin of marijuana). I’m not a doctor or an expert in explaining it so I suggest doing your own research through NIDA. BUT, did you know our bodies actually produce their own cannabinoids?

Difference between broad and full spectrum?

The difference between broad and full spectrum CBD is that broad has ZERO THC. Full spectrum has less than 0.3% THC making it to where you CANNOT get high, and to me is more affective than broad, but it is possible that it could show up positive on a drug test (although very unlikely).

Reasons Why CBD Is Awesome | CBD 101 | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Can I get high?

No!!! Even if you drank a whole bottle of CBD you wouldn’t feel high.

What are the uses of CBD?

To help with anxiety, pain, epilepsy, inflammation, sleep, and stress to name a few.

What kind do you take?

I started taking Equilibria Women back in March. It caught my eye after looking into what makes them different and I fell in love with the brand and how their products are made for women and they also are more of a subscription based company. Plus, they have their own farm in Colorado so there’s no middle man.

They also include a dosage specialist for free once you are a member and I had a call with one back in March after I purchased and it was so fascinating! She asked me questions about my uses for CBD and helped curate a dosage amount that would be best for me. She also helped educate me on CBD and Equilibria’s system and I’ve just been so impressed ever since.

Their CBD is high quality and they adhere to medical grade production standards. The product is made at their organic farm from start to finish, ensuring each batch is 110% safe.

They are launching more and more products (just launched bath products!) but I highly recommend their brilliance box which includes the soft gels (amazing for sleep), the pain relief cream (incredible for lower back pain and on your stomach during cramps), and the oil. If you just want to try one thing, go with the oil!

Want to try Equilibria’s CBD? My link and/or code: audreystowe will get you 15% off!

Reasons Why CBD Is Awesome | CBD 101 | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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