Top 10 Health and Wellness Products I Use

Top 10 Health and Wellness Products I Use | Healthy Items I love | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Well HELLO! Happy Friday! So pumped for the long weekend. Josh & I are going to see his family a couple of days. I hope you have something fun planned!

Y’all already know this… but health and wellness has become a new interest of mine over the past year. I love researching, reading, and hearing new cool things. I wanted to round up some of my favorite and frequently used “health” items so y’all know exactly what I use and what for. Here we go!

10 Health and Wellness Products I Use:

1. Liquid Collagen:

If you watch my stories I’ve raved about this a few times. It’s EXPENSIVE but worth it. I used to use the powder collagen but your body absorbs about 90% of liquid collagen whereas it only absorbs about 20-30% of powder collagen so you see results WAY faster. I’ve been using this stuff coming up on 6 months now. If you wanna try it, use code 6821281 at checkout for $10 off your first order.

2. Mushroom Cacao Mix:

This is the healthy sweet treat I’ve been raving about! It has a few superfoods in it and is sweetened with stevia and coconut sugar. NO it does not taste like mushrooms haha. I mix with water at nighttime and add a little honey + oat milk and it tastes DEVINE. A healthy hot chocolate!

3. Hormone Balance Pills:

I’m on my 3rd bottle of these and can’t help but think about how they’ve helped my skin. It hasn’t completely fixed the acne I have but it’s helped A TON. Do your research on it as there’s some things about them out there that make you question it but my personal experience so far has been wonderful. It’s also helped my periods!

4. CBD Oil

If you’ve ever struggled with social anxiety, joint pain, back pain, sleep…. try CBD!! I’ve used for 2 years and switched to Equilibria back in April. It’s a CBD company geared for women and it’s the best oil I’ve ever tried. I use for sleep, and when I travel or if I am at social events. It’s incredible! (Use code: audreystowe for 15% off too.)

5. Natural Deodorant

Had to include this because I made the switch to natural deodorant last November so we’re about to come up on a year of natural!! It’s been a tough ride (I’ve definitely tried some deodorants that make me SMELL lol) but I’m still glad I made the change. Native is one of the most affordable and best that I’ve tried. I wrote about them and my change here.

6. Liquid I.V.

Josh and I both use this stuff and it’s amazing. Helps with hydration as it’s an electrolyte hydration multiplier. It tastes delicious (passion fruit is so good) AND it’s also amazing for a hangover lol. Josh drinks all the time after a night of drinking and ends up feeling great.

7. Adaptogen Mix

I struggle with a low thyroid and have read that superfoods and adaptogens can be really good for leveling it. I bought this mix and really like it so far! I’ll put in my coffee or smoothie and it just gets those healthy adaptogens like ashwagandha into my body. My body has honestly never felt more healthy and better (by using ALL of these things).

8. Juicer

I wanted to include this as I use my juicer A LOT for celery juice and making healthy juices. This juicer is amazing for only $50 on amazon prime. Highly recommend!

9. Plant Based Shake, Pre- Workout, Post- Workout

Josh & I buy our protein/smoothies and pre + post workouts through Isagenix. Not something I can really link too and I don’t really sell it, however I do have a link if you guys want to look into! We started buying in January and have absolutely loved it. I buy the plant based chocolate shake and it’s SO good!! I love that their products have awesome vitamins and nutrients on top of the protein or pre workout. I’ll break them down!

  • Plant Based Shake: FILLED with vitamins, veggies, and minerals (21 to be exact). It helps make sure your body is getting ALL of the nutrients it needs in one smoothie. I love the plant based but they do have whey options. It also only has 1g of added sugar.
  • Pre-workout: Tastes like watermelon and helps me power through an evening workout (I don’t drink for morning workouts). Filled with amino acids and caffeine. (does have creatine in it.)
  • Post-workout: Crucial for me after a tough workout. Helps with muscle recovery, joint soreness, and boosts your overall recovery. It has turmeric in it and collagen as well.

10. Women’s Probiotic:

I’ve always taken a probiotic for my gut. It’s essential in my life! I recently switched to this women’s health probiotic because it’s dairy-free and I liked all of the different probiotic strains it has.

Whew! I hope I didn’t overwhelm y’all with this haha. I just wanted to put all of my favorite products into one post. Hope you enjoyed!


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