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Classic Self Care Night To Wind Down | Self Care Steps

We are almost to the weekend! This week has actually flown by- thank goodness! I’m having a self-care night tonight which is something I try to do a couple times a month. A night where I unplug, do a face mask, and just relax. Figured I’d share what I do on these nights with you guys and some products I use. 

Self Care Night:

  • Pour some wine: First things first, I always pour myself a glass of wine. I’m a cabernet type of gal and tonight I’m pouring a glass of JaM Cabernet by JaM Cellars. It’s smooth, under $20, and super easy to find. I love how fruity and bold it is, and it’s a seriously #JaMGoodCab. It makes a fabulous Fall evening drink for date night at home, or to bring with you on a girl’s night too. If you want to find out where to buy: just pop your zip code into their WineFinder or get JaM Cab delivered to your door.
  • Take a long shower: I’m weird and cannot stand a bath haha. But I love a long shower. I’ll spray it down with this shower spray, and take my time enjoying a hot shower.
  • Do a lengthy skincare routine & finish with a face mask: I’ll usually do a slow and extended skincare routine on a self-care night doing a little home dermaplaning and using my high frequency wand. I probably spend close to an hour just taking my time, sipping my JaM Cabernet, and doing all the skin detox things. To end my skincare, I always take the time to do some sort of face mask. I really like this one right now with my skin problems. 
Classic Self Care Night To Wind Down | Self Care Steps
  • Make some popcorn: I love the extra butter movie popcorn you buy at the store for self care-nights. Sometimes I’ll add chocolate chips to it too. The salty + sweet combo with JaM Cabernet tastes incredible since the wine has that bold berry taste as well as a hint of vanilla. This trio makes the perfect self-care night treat. 
  • Pick a chick flick and unwind: I just finished the new Emily in Paris series and it was SO good. Would make the perfect show to start on your next self care night. If you’ve seen it to, I also love going with a few classics like: 
    • Mamma Mia
    • The Notebook
    • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    • Clueless
    • Also, this one is new but To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is such a good one too!
  • Paint nails & self-tan: Can’t forget these either! I’ll paint my nails or toes (always a classic white or pink but lately have been loving black), and then I apply fresh self tanner because it makes me feel good. 

Self Care Checklist + Tips:

Self Care Checklist | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

When it comes to forming your own self care night, a few tips:

  • Do a few things that make YOU happy
  • The goal is to unwind and relax so whatever helps you do that, is a self care kind of night
  • Turn off your phone! Easier said than done but it always helps me go that step further to unplug
Self Care Tips & Ideas | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Thanks so much for reading- hope this inspires you to take the time to do a self-care night for yourself soon!

This post was inspired by JaM Cellars—all opinions are my own. Find JaM Cabernet and additional easy-to-love wines, Butter Chardonnay, Sugar Sweet White, and Toast Sparkling in the wine aisle or delivered to your door in under 60 minutes with Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and Drizly. Visit JaMCellars.com/Buy.


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