10 Things I Learned In College

10 Things I Learned In College | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger Well, it’s the week of graduation friends!!! Whoohoo, the time has finally come. I thought it would be really fun to do a series of posts this week that were college related. What better way to start than with the top 10 things I learned in college, right!? Throughout college, I feel as though I truly found my self. I found what I was passionate about, I learned self confidence, and I learned a lot about people. My few years at Tech has taught me so much more that just class and Public Relations. I’ve been through some of my highest highs and lowest lows here in Lubbock. But I feel refreshed knowing I’m graduating and stepping away from this time period of my life as a strong adult. While I don’t always feel 100% ready for adulthood, I’m confident I can handle it!!

SO, let’s get to it.

10 Things I Learned in College:

1. Take Freshman year seriously

This was something everyone told me and I didn’t believe haha. I bombed freshman year. It wasn’t my greatest year but I had SO much fun that year. If I could go back though I would’ve spent a few more hours in the library.

2. Pick your friends wisely

!!!!!!. Screaming this to y’all! College is FUN but its TOUGH. Surround yourself with girls who have your back. There are some incredibly beautiful souls in college and there are some of the meanest girls I’ve ever met. I can’t thank God enough for the ray of sunshine friends he brought me. Your people are out there and you just have to find them!

3. It’s ok to say no

This goes back to my freshman year. You will be invited to do so many things every night of the week. I have a hard time telling people no but by my Senior year I was a pro at it haha. If you have other obligations like school or work, it’s okay to miss a night out.

4. Summer Classes are A MUST

I took 12 hours of classes last Summer and I really wish I had taken some the Summer before too. They’re actually a lot more fun to me and professors are WAY more laid back in my experience. If you have the opportunity, do at least one summer session!

5. Be Kind to EVERYONE

This is just a life lesson I’ve learned these years. You never know what kind of day someone is having, if someone’s rude or super nice, smile and say hello. It not only makes other people feel better but it can brighten your day as well.

6. GO on the College Spring Break

My freshman year college Spring Break was the trip of a lifetime. It was freaking crazy but my sorority sisters and I ALWAYS talk about it whenever we are together. We went to Gulf Shores and it was the cheapest trip I’ve ever been on. I seriously think about it all the time and that’s the greatest memory I’ll take from College.

7. Save the easy electives for Senior Year

My freshman and Sophomore years were tough and I was in classes with a lot of older people. But I chose to take my PR classes first and then this last semester I was left with 12 hours of electives. It was the best decision because it was a really easy semester. I took Yoga, Aerobics, Latin American Cuisine, and some online classes and they were awesome haha.

8. Apply for every internship

Every Summer or Fall, apply for whatever internship you see. Don’t wait till you Senior year! I interned throughout College and last Summer I interned for a company who offered me a job. It was THE BEST working for a big girl job instead of going back to a daycare or restaurant.

9. Embrace the late nights with Friends

This is something I wish I did more of this last year. I became a grandma this year but I still enjoyed some nights out with my bffs. Embrace it and enjoy those nights of endless laughs and one too many glasses of wine.

10. Be open to every opportunity

There will be so many opportunities in college. Whether it’s exec for your sorority, a new job, a club, new friends, etc. Take it! If a friend that’s maybe not in your close circle invites you to do something, GO. Be open to everything and you will leave college with the best memories!

I’m so thankful for these years and while I learned millions of things, these were my top 10!

10 Things I Learned In College | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger10 Things I Learned In College | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger



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  1. Faith wrote:

    Love it Audrey! As a new-ish college student entering Tech in the fall, I truly took this to heart! Love all the great advice!

    Posted 5.14.18 Reply

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