My Sephora Wishlist For The Holiday Bonus Sale

Makeup | Winter Beauty | My Sephora Favorites For The Holiday Bonus Sale featured by top Texas beauty blog Audrey Madison Stowe

Happy Friday, gals and what a week!! It went by pretty fast but I’m still SO happy it’s the weekend. I’ve had cough/ been very congested lately so I need some sleep. If you clicked on this post, you’re probably here to see my Sephora wishlist.… so let’s just jump right in! 

First of all, it’s Sephora’s Holiday Bonus Sale time! Any chance to get gift sets and luxury makeup on sale, you can count me in for. If you’re in need of new products for yourself or are looking for stocking stuffers and gifts for the girls (or even men) in your family… this is the perfect time to buy. It does go by its beauty insider levels, which if you aren’t signed up for at least their beauty insider card, you can easily do so here to get 15% off.

Right now, they are offering 20% off to ROUGE level members… and next will be VIB, and then beauty insiders! If you have to wait (I do!), don’t worry because you can reference this post when it opens up for you and I’ll have another post going up next week just in time for it to open.

Rouge Members:

20% off Nov. 2-5, use code: ROUGEBONUS

VIB Members:

20% off Nov. 9-12, use code: VIBBONUS

Beauty Insiders:

15% off Nov. 16-19, use code: BIBONUS

Makeup | Winter Beauty | My Sephora Favorites For The Holiday Bonus Sale featured by top Texas beauty blog Audrey Madison Stowe

Now… my Sephora favorites! Majority of the products I’ve never tried but a couple I have and want to re-stock in my beauty drawer!

Sephora Wishlist:

1. Sugar Lips SetUnder $30 and definitely the best gift to give or put in a stocking. Keep my lips moisturized and adds a little extra tint!

2. Sephora Lip LinerA $12 lip liner that WORKS and STAYS put. I want to grab more shades!

3. Laneige Lip maskI’ve heard amazing things about this lip product. I mean… forget a good face mask, I want a mask for my lips!

4. Charlotte Tilbury LipstickThis is definitely a splurge lipstick but so worth it. The formula is creamy and the shades are beautiful.

5. Hourglass PrimerThis is VERY pricey for a primer. I would maybe spend the amount on a foundation but that’s it. BUT…. everyone raves about how this primer is THE primer to have. Treat yo self right?

6. Hoola BronzerA really great subtle bronzer. Looks so good on the skin!

7. Gingerbread Spice PaletteLOVE the gingerbread inspiration of this palette and the color choices are beautiful. Perfect for the fall eyeshadow look!

8. It Cosmetics CC cream One of my favorite foundations for every day wear. This isn’t one I grab for a date night but errands, work, and a coffee date? This is my go-to!

9. Bum Bum Cream SetAnother product I’ve heard wonderful things about. I also hear this smells fabulous…. may as well stock up and try all the items from this line through this holiday set.

10. Tom Ford Black OrchidLooking for a moody, winter scent? THIS. IS. WHAT. YOU. WANT. My mom introduced me to this scent years ago and I ran out of my bottle this past February…. so I think it’s time to re-stock.

11. ACV rinseMy scalp gets extremely dry and easily built up from all the hair products I use. This looks super interesting to me! I want to give it a try.

12. Drybar SetA 3 in 1 for $50!!!

Loving this Sephora wishlist feature? Take a look here for more of my beauty favorites!

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  1. Megan wrote:

    I also want the It Cosmetics CC cream. It’s just so good.

    Posted 11.2.18 Reply

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