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What To Do In Lubbock, Texas | Best things to do in Lubbock TX | Audrey Madison stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

Hi there friends! We made it to Friday, whoohoo!! I’ve lived in Lubbock a little over four years now. It was a really tough adjustment at first (helloooo…. we are way out here in the panhandle!) but after time, prayers, and friends, it’s grown on me so much and I truly love Lubbock. It’s cute, small yet has a big feel, and there are so many things that make Lubbock great.

What helped me really start loving Lubbock was when I put myself out there, and got myself out and about doing things. We don’t have much in Lubbock ( I swear being in your 20’s…. the only thing to do here is eat and drink) but there are a few gems that make this place so wonderful.

I wrote a post a couple of years ago on Lubbock and this post features many of the same spots. I just wanted to update with more places I love and more in depth.


Best Breakfast in Lubbock:

  • Rain Cafe– So good! Love this spot and there’s always a wait on weekends
  • The Pancake House– Right by my house…. a little hole in the wall but seriously SO good.
  • Picante’s– Feeling a tex mex breakfast? This is your place! Huge, cheap breakfast burritos.
  • Red Zone Cafe- Josh’s favorite bfast spot!
  • Cafe J– My favorite spot for brunch on the weekends with your girls! Their patio is super cute.
  • Lubbock’s Breakfast House– Another delicious breakfast spot.
  • The Farmhouse– I debated sharing this as an option because it’s not my favorite. I’ve only been once and it was good but not that amazing to me. But, I know a ton of people who love it so I wanted to include. It’s a cute spot and portions are pretty big.

Favorite Coffee/ Tea Spots in Lubbock:

  • Sugar Brown’s– Probably my FAVORITE coffee shop here. Highly recommend their Chai Latte (make sure it’s hot).
  • J&B Coffee– Awesome food/pastries, and the ambience is fabulous. So many people’s favorite spot in Lubbock. Josh and I don’t really like their coffee… but everything else is great. I LOVE their blueberry muffins. They are incredible.
  • Monomyth Coffee– Brand new spot that is total insta goals in Lubbock. Our first coffee shop that’s SUPER aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they have awesome coffee and offer specialty milks including oat milk which you WON’T find anywhere else here.
  • Yellow House Coffee– A really cool, small, coffee shop with good coffee. This isn’t really a spot I like to order and sit down at, but for sure recommend going and ordering a coffee to go.
  • Tea2Go– Best tea place!!!
  • The Coffee Shop- Really cute and spacious coffee shop…. I love their matcha latte’s here.

Best Lunch Spots In Lubbock:

I typically eat lunch at home or pick up a salad from Market Street or Chick Fil A but on the rare occasion I do go out, this is where I would go:

  • Texas Tech Club- They have these awesome buffet’s for lunch and the food is great. Plus, you get to look out over the football stadium. Also a good dinner spot! This is where Josh proposed to me.
  • Spanky’s- The SPOT for good burgers, fries, and beer. 🙂 Bring your dad and brother there FOR SURE.
  • Capital Pizza– The best pizza! So delicious.
  • Little Bite Mediterranean– My favorite greek restaurant here! Love this for lunch.
  • Caprock Cafe– A true West Texas restaurant. The vibe is comfortable, family-friendly and a huge menu with a ton of awesome food.

Healthy spots in Lubbock:

(very few and far between… something I hope Lubbock continues to bring to the city!)

  • Healthy Essentials- A cute little spot, I see a bunch of girls do homework here- it’s very quiet. They have delicious paleo options. I love their coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, and wraps.
  • Watering Well Eatery– The best healthy spot in Lubbock! I often forget about it but it’s such a beautiful restaurant. Everything is SO good too.
  • Vitality Bowls- Your place for Acai Bowls, smoothies, and juices. I also love their Panini’s.

Best Dinner Spots in Lubbock:

  • Cantina Laredo– One of Josh and I’s favorite dinner spots. It’s a nice vibe, the bar is fun, and the food is awesome. I love their enchiladas and guac.
  • Cocina De La Sirena– Such a pretty restaurant tucked back into Cactus Alley. They have a unique menu, good drinks, and a cool ambiance. Highly recommend for date night or take your family there if they’re in town.
  • Stella’s– They have live music some nights and the food is delicious. My girlfriend also introduced me to their Espresso martini and it is BOMB.
  • La Diosa– My favorite date night spot. Fill your belly with delicious wine and tapas while listening to live music.
  • The Crafthouse Gastropub– A super unique menu of food and drinks. We ate there once and loved it. A little pricey for smaller portions!
  • The West Table- Favorite restaurant to go too when my family is in town. It’s definitely more pricier but the food is awesome.
  • Cafe J– A favorite of ours since we moved here. Every meal is good here, I do prefer dinner.
  • The Funky Door– My go-to spot to meet girlfriends for happy hour! I love their patio and I get whatever wine is on happy hour and spinach artichoke fondue and it seriously feeds my soul.
  • Italian Garden– A delicious spot for italian. Everything is SO GOOD.
  • O’hana steakhouse & sushi bar– The only spot we will go get sushi from. Although, sushi isn’t really that great in Lubbock haha. We are too far from the water!
  • Taqueria Jalisco– This is the little hole in the wall we go too when we are feeling CHEAP margs and food. Their food is authentic Mexican cuisine and it’s delicious.
  • Triple J Chophouse: It’s been over a year since I’ve been here but I’ll never forget their nachos. Love the West Texas vibe of this restaurant and this is a good steak spot!

Favorite Bars and Spots for Drinks in Lubbock:

  • Chimy’s– THE Lubbock spot. Always poppin! They have the best drinks and cheese fries.
  • Bierhaus– Newer bar to Lubbock but SO good. I love their drinks but especially the atmosphere. Also, the food is delish!
  • Local- Great spot to grab a drink. Drinks are more expensive. I like to bring my family here to eat/drink but then it’s also a bar my friends and I will go too late at night after Chimy’s haha.
  • La Diosa- LOVE this spot to just go get wine. Such a great spot y’all!
  • Bar PM- On broadway/university and the place we like to end our night.
  • Cafe J Martini Bar- Their martini bar is wonderful! They also bring in live music. This is a great spot for a date night, to go with friends, or to bring your parents in they are in town.
  • The Brewery- Josh and I checked this place out the other month and LOVED it. It’s pretty small but we loved the experience, the drinks and they also pass out popcorn lol.
  • Louie Louie’s Piano Bar- Another fun bar we love to bring my parents to on the weekend!! Not really a spot I’d go with Josh or my friends on a typical night but DEFINITELY love to bring out of town family/friends.
  • Flippers Tavern- A little hidden in Lubbock and not in the greatest area but a fun bar and place for a drink and bar food.
  • The Garden- Josh and I love this bar. It’s outdoors, and dog friendly!

Where to Stay in Lubbock:

Best Spots to Grab Wine in Lubbock:

  • Llano Estacado Winery– A bit of a drive but a fun spot. You can taste their wines and get a tour.
  • Mcpherson Cellars– They do these patio nights on Thursday’s that’s really fun. Love their patio!
  • The Funky Door– Great spot for wine!
  • The Wine Nest– Fun atmosphere and great wine selection.
  • CapRock Winery– Another great winery you can go too for their tasting room and a tour.
  • La Diosa– Seriously can’t rave about this place more.

Things To do In Lubbock that aren’t eating and drinking:

  • Drive out to Buffalo Springs/ Ransom Canyon– About 25 mins away but so pretty and not like “Lubbock”. You do have to pay about $10 to go into Buffalo Springs but it’s a great place to spend the day, walk your dogs, and go in the water.
  • Palo Duro Canyon– About 2 hours away and another great day trip to go on a hike.
  • Cactus Alley– A cute shopping area! Often forgot about in Lubbock but it’s adorable.
  • West End Center– Another shopping center that is SUPER nice. Great restaurants and shopping.
  • Alamo Drafthouse– One of the best movie theaters here.
  • The Range– Josh and I’s date night spot when we are wanting to do something fun! It’s cheap and you get to hit golf balls, drink, and eat good pizza haha.
  • 4ore!– Very similar to Topgolf!! We love to go here with friends when we want to spend more $$$ than The Range haha.
  • First Friday Art Trail- Only on the first friday of every month but if you haven’t been yet… YOU MUST.

Unique Shopping in Lubbock:

I say “unique” because we have a bunch of retail chain stores. There are a lot of great boutiques but these are the one’s I’ve found to have really unique things:

Churches In Lubbock:

I bounced through quite a bunch over the years, going wherever friends go. But Josh and I go to First Baptist Lubbock the most. Their 11am service is very contemporary and I love the pastor and worship. Others I love and have been to:

  • Redeemer
  • Hillside

Whew! I think that covers majority of Lubbock, y’all. I sure do love this place. I like to stay in my little circle around where I live and I have my go-to spots that I love. If you live in Lubbock- what did I miss!? What do you recommend!? Leave in the comments for me and others to check out.

What To Do In Lubbock, Texas | Best things to do in Lubbock TX | Audrey Madison stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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