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Since quarantine, I’ve found a way to love working out from home. I used to be so against it but here we are haha. I had a really pricey gym membership before the world shut down and when gyms started opening back up, I decided to break the contract and save myself that money.

It’s been a huge blessing and challenge learning to push myself to get my booty moving each day. But I share my daily workouts and weekly plan with you guys every Sunday to hold myself accountable. I often get messages after like “how do you plan these” “where are you finding these workouts” etc. So wanted to answer those common questions today.

Free People Movement | How I Plan My Home Workouts | Wellness Wednesday | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger

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I wrote a blog post in May about Youtube Workouts I Love. This is where is get 80% of my workouts. One of the girls listed in that post is Bailey Brown who I found on youtube and grew to love so I also pay $15/month to have her BBFIT.CO program. It’s pilates based- which I love. I also have a newfound love for running so I run quite a bit too. That’s where my home workouts come from!

So every Sunday, as I’m planning my week, I also sit down and plan my workouts. I save and write down all workouts so that each day I can wake up and know exactly what workout I’m doing. Saves a lot of time! I’ll post the workout template here if you guys want to use for yourself too.

How I Plan My Home Workouts:

  • Schedule in 2-3 days of running. Usually between 2-3 miles.
  • Days not running, plan a HIIT or intense full body workout and a low impact workout day.
  • Schedule 5-15 min workouts on top of those days as well.
  • Add in: Arm days, leg days, and abs.

I like to head into the weekend knowing every part of my body was worked out that week before. I incorporate legs into my routine, an arm circuit after a 2 mile run, and lots of abs because I like to keep my core tight.

How I Plan My Home Workouts | Wellness Wednesday | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger
Example! This is my schedule for this week.
How I Plan My Home Workouts | Wellness Wednesday | Audrey Madison Stowe a fashion and lifestyle blogger
Save for your own use!

How I Stay On Top of All the Videos and Workouts:

Go to your Youtube account and make a private playlist. I have one called “workouts to do”. I save all the videos I plan for the week there that way I’m not searching for them the morning of. This saves so much time! As I finish them I “remove from playlist” and I do this every week.

How I Find Workouts:

Youtube search my friends!!! I type in all sorts of things like:

  • Lower belly intense abs
  • Full body HIIT
  • Toned arms workout
  • Barre class
  • 30 min Tabata

The list goes on!! Just start typing away until you find workouts that look interesting and save them for the week. If you really like a person or workout, subscribe to their channel so you can stay up to date with their new workouts.

And that’s how I plan my home workouts! Once you get into a good groove, it’s easy to stay on top of. Just make sure you’re blocking out time for your workout each day and trying hard not to make excuses. (Although, even I make excuses haha… it gets the best of us!)


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