Engagement Ring Trends 2018 + How Josh Designed My Ring

Engagement Ring Trends 2018 + How Josh Designed My Ring featured by popular Texas lifestyle blogger Audrey Madison Stowe

Hi loves! I’m back with more engagement things. Did I tell y’all our wedding hashtag yet!? At first it was #meanttobemartinez but I had a sweet follower on IG share a fun one that I loved so much more. #madformartinez!! I love this because my blog goes my “Audrey MAD Stowe” The mad is for Madison but I love how it plays with both of our names. I shared our proposal story a couple of weeks ago and wanted to pop back in and have Josh share how he designed my engagement ring as well as some ring trends.

I wasn’t going to be that fiancé that wanted to specifically pick my ring out. I shared that I would send Josh photos for fun and I always told him I wanted a halo style. I also said I wanted a diamond band with it but Josh will explain why he didn’t do that. I told/showed him what I loved but I ultimately wanted him to customize it to his liking. It’s a piece of jewelry that I will forever cherish and it’s even more meaningful to me knowing that he did it all himself and this was something he made just for me.

Now, I’ll let Josh tell y’all how he did it!

Hey y’all! I am not on the blog often, but Audrey thought it would be cool if I stopped by and shared how I designed the ring with you guys. So I guess I’ll start with saying… it wasn’t easy. If you know Audrey, you would know that she is the most amazing women and that she deserves the world. When I was starting to look at rings I had no clue where to begin, the only thing I knew was the ring design she liked (even that wasn’t clear because she sent me every ring that popped up on her Instagram feed). When I started shopping for rings I had no clue what I was looking at or what I really wanted, but when I came across JamesAllen.com and began to play around with all the settings and diamonds I really started to get a feel for what I wanted. I finally narrowed it down to a classy, yet elegant ring setting I liked and then began working on choosing the best diamond. My only request was that the diamond be flawless. With some help from the JamesAllen.com team,  I finally found the perfect diamond and decided that it would look best in a simple halo setting! I didn’t want extra diamonds on the band taking away from the diamond itself. To add to the sparkle in the future I hope to get her a wedding band that is completely diamond encrusted to make the set look truly amazing.

Ok, I’m back y’all!

If you’re in the stage of your relationship where y’all are talking about getting engaged, and maybe you have no idea what kind of ring you’re wanting… I thought I would share some 2018 engagement ring trends to help.

Engagement Ring Trends 2018

  1. The Halo!

Definitely something I loved! I saw this style a ton a few years ago and fell in love and never looked back haha. I have always had my mind set on a halo. I love that it has a statement diamond with surrounding smaller diamonds. I think it all comes together beautifully.

  1. Pear

When I was dreaming of engagement rings, I looked at the pear style all the time. I was set on my halo but I loveddd the pretty look of the pear. My mom has a pear engagement ring and it’s beautiful.

  1. Cushion Cut

My ring is a cushion cut. I love this shape! It’s like the in-between of a round cut and princess cut… so basically the best of both worlds!? haha.

  1. 3 Stone

This is a HUGE trend now after Meghan Markle. Her 3 stone engagement ring is absolutely stunning. I love the statement of all 3 stones.

  1. Rose Gold

Y’all know me… I LOVE rose gold everything. It’s so beautiful and it’s popping up a lot this year for engagement ring trends as well. It’s romantic, vintage, and makes your diamond really stand out.

What kind of style is your engagement ring or what do you want yours to look like!? Thanks so much for reading. Hope y’all enjoyed this look at this years engagement ring trends. XO!

Engagement Ring Trends 2018 + How Josh Designed My Ring featured by popular Texas lifestyle blogger Audrey Madison Stowe

This post is in collaboration with JamesAllen.com.

Photography by: Laylee Emadi



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